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    Saturday, August 04, 2012

    The Final Chapter

    You know that feeling when you push back certain feelings and memories and keep running away from it all because you're too afraid it'll come back to haunt you? And then when it's been a while and you stumble upon something...imagine how liberated you would feel if you felt nothing at all...

    (NOTE: Wrote this quite a while back...apologies for the late post!)

    I turned the pages relentlessly

    Certain I’d left you there -

    Trapped between the lines,

    A prisoner of every tear.

     You lived in every blot of ink,

    And every tear that left a stain;

    Every word had your stench,

    Page after page reeking of pain.

    I turned the pages disbelievingly,

    Didn't imagine it would be so dead;

    Just empty rhymes and rambles

    And invisible imprints of angry lead.

    I was certain I had cast a spell

    To bind you in echoes lost in vain...

    The silent screams trapped in the pages

    Of the mute witness of excruciating pain.

    I thought you would still be here,

    Still chained to your own sin;

    But you’ve faded away like the old ink,

    Faded from the heart within.