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    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    After the dust settles...

    At the end there is emptiness...

    To remind me you were real;

    Just a hollow where hurt resides,

    After all the layers have been peeled.

    A river of salt still stains my cheek,

    Residues of stray tears that died;

    And with all the memories laid out,

    There’s a void that won’t be denied.

    Of walls, withered and bare,

    Of broken windows with jagged frames,

    I stand testimony to what has become

    Of a burning love gone up in flames.

    And after the dust has settled,

    As the foot prints begin to fade,

    The body stays, plundered of the soul -

    Sleep walking on the edge of the blade.

    And at the end there is emptiness...

    Just a scar from a heart at war;

    Then, there’s calm in this hallowed wreck,

    To remind me it was you I fought for.