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    Saturday, March 28, 2009


    A gust of cool breeze

    On a still summer night-

    Suddenly delightful,

    Lifting my soul in your flight.

    I breathe you in

    To keep you a little longer;

    But you slip through my being,

    And I’m alone, yet a little stronger.

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Heard in the silence...

    Shamelessly expressed,

    yet mysteriously hidden so-

    Words scattered carelessly,

    Tears now threatening to show.

    Here I stand before you

    Barer than ever before -

    I sold my soul to emptiness

    Hope- I have no more.

    I turn my face away from you,

    To not see you turning your back on me;

    I dry my tears as fast as I can-

    Before you can pretend not to see.

    I fiercely hold my words back,

    Before you can act aloof;

    And drown myself in irrelevance

    My scars, the only remaining proof.

    I watch you sleep blissfully

    While I die a little each day,

    I close my eyes and speak to the silence

    Of everything you didn’t let me say.