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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    When I Say Goodbye

    You’ll be gone soon.

    You’ll be dead

    The day I start to live;

    I’ll drift you away

    Like a feather in space...

    I bid you farewell.

    Saturday, April 10, 2010


    Happy to be alive

    Amongst mangled, skeletal remains,

    In the afterthought of life…

    Lost in ambiguity,

    Life gushing through severed veins.

    Happy to be alive,

    Happily undone and undead -

    Like a chapter unfinished,

    Like a letter that was never read.

    I bask in your toxic existence,

    Reminiscent of ash and dust;

    I flirt with the dark shadows,

    And watch love evaporate to lust.

    I chase swirls of blackened smoke

    And follow you into the unlit road,

    I see a monster in the mirror…

    I am exactly what you showed.