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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007

    Random Fact About Me :

    Neha usually writes when she is hurt/upset/angry...thus the blog entries are not that frequent.


    Unforgiving moments
    Unforgotten words
    I hurt at every thought,
    Slowly and slowly I numbly burn.

    Your words burn my being
    I burn in your love;
    I burn in silence…
    The silence burns me.

    My wounds are out in the open
    And yet you pretend not to see,
    The ignorance burns my soul
    How burnt do I have to be?

    I know I’m the one to blame,
    I choose to quietly burn
    Is it your fault the fire that engulfs me
    Is none other than you?

    Friday, January 19, 2007

    Wish you were here...

    There are some people in your life that you hardly share details with and yet they understand you so well that they stand by you whenever you need them, no questions asked. I have one such friend. Physically, he’s not present most of the times and when he is here I don’t really think he thinks about anything in depth! YET the few words of wisdom that he imparts unknowingly becomes my strength. Once when I expressed how anxious I was about joining college and my fears about not being accepted, he told me “no matter what you do, you cannot get everyone to love you. Remember that”. Now at the brink of my graduation, that is almost the only thing I can relate to!
    I miss him dearly now. I’m upset and confused and my head and my heart hurts. I wish he was here right now to tell me what to do! I know I’m stubborn and twisted but the truth is no one but he can see through that temporary monster. It’s strange and wonderful how somebody can soothe you by just sitting beside you without speaking a word, without checking the watch or without trying to crack silly jokes to “lighten the mood”. It’s strange how it always works. Always.