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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Radically Random

    Type and delete, type and delete...the process will happen at least 5 times before we finally continue. Even when we know what we want to write, the first sentence is always the most difficult to write. Oh common people...I know it happens with you too!

    My room has 25 lights. Seriously.

    The wall behind my bed is of a shade named Peanut Butter. I love the colour, I hate peanut butter. I hate peanuts.

    I have exactly 176 CDs. I don't like sharing them. I think I'll take 'em all with me to London. Maybe I'll leave behind my BSB CDs...

    I love post-its. I have green, pink, yellow, mauve and blue ones.

    There's an empty(autographed) vodka bottle in my bedside drawer. There are 20 drawers in my room. ha ha. Really.

    If you hate me, light an incense stick in my room. It triggers my migraine instantly. Oh, or just play Himesh Reshamiya.

    Only a lizard can make me vacate my room. Neha and lizards can't be in the same room. No amount of yelling/laughing/mocking can make me change my mind.

    I rub noses with a beanie(a sombre, palm sized pup named Tracker) when I'm thoughtful.

    My blanket is 20 years old. One of the edges now has a hole in it...I slip my tiny toe into it...strangely comforting. I can't part with it, no way.

    I have a thing for knives. *evil grin*

    I can't swim.

    I can roll my tongue. No no...don't laugh. Everybody can't do it, it's hereditary.

    I'm obsessively particular about the cleanliness of my bathroom. Except for the shower cubicle, there shouldn't be any water anywhere else. Even my sink counter (all glass) must stay dry.

    Our Food Safety professor was a prejudiced moron. He threw me out of class once for NO reason..."distraction among the boys at the back" is the excuse he provided. I was glad, the class was too boring anyway.

    I wonder if T still has my Vice-Captain badge...

    I lost the Captaincy elections in school by ONE vote. That was the only time I cried in public. Well, ok not exactly...I went to the washroom and cried, the public found me.

    I wanted to become the Cultural Secretary of our college, I became the Joint Secretary instead.

    I am good at giving advice. Not so good at taking it though.

    Usual first impressions of me is that I'm snobbish. I break everybody's myth about first impressions.

    I'm not bored anymore, Ghost Whisperer's starting...

    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Letting go of you..

    It's difficult to just let go and move on. I can lie to the entire world but I can't lie to myself. I haven't forgotten anything...I live each day fighting memories, fighting back the tears that follow next. I tell myself that it's over, of course it is! I ended it...then why is so difficult! I don't want to hold on to anything. Nothing at all. Not just the bad memories but the good memories as well. It makes me weak. I don't want to see you smile, your dimples make me weak. I know with time I can probably undo all the hurt you've caused me...but how do I undo the joy you brought to me? I can fight the pain, but I get overpowered, outnumbered by the joyous memories. Don't get me wrong...I don't want to forget, I just want to be indifferent. But then there's this small voice tucked away in my heart which keeps telling me that it wont happen.I can't say I'm still in love with you...
    I can't say I'm not.

    The only thing that hurts more than being with you, is letting you go from my heart.