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    Tuesday, December 09, 2008

    Would you?

    Would you care if I was afraid,

    Would you see it in my eyes?

    Would it matter if I couldn’t sleep,

    Would you hear my muffled cries?

    What if I poured my heart out…

    Would you take me in your arms?

    Would you leave me alone and helpless?

    Would you let me do myself any harm?

    Would you listen if I had complains,

    Would you pretend not to hear?

    Would it be a waste of your time,

    Would you much rather not be near?

    Would you for once not get angry,

    Knowing that I get scared?

    Would you calm me down instead,

    And not let my soul be bared?

    Would you care no matter what?

    Even if I pushed you away…

    Would you know what I really want?

    Would you know I need you to stay?

    Would you care enough to find out,

    Would you care enough to know?

    All the words I’ll never tell,

    All the things I’ll never show...

    9 afterthoughts :

    1. The Lover said...

      Beautiful poem. I surely would have answered yes to all of them if it were for me! :D

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      ummm...all of them? heeheh...well i know wat u meant :)
      thanx :)

    3. Rashi V said...

      Just the questions I want to ask some1!! :)

    4. ajit said...

      nice poem....:-D

    5. Arjun said...

      One who can be a 'yes' to all this would be the ideal person, an ideal match in this world.....

      You could be the ideal pair, when u replicate.....

      See? I'm good with theories.... kiddin

      Nice poem....


    6. Randeep said...

      Hey good work..The questions everyone wants to ask.. And I totally agree with Arjun. :)


    7. mujtaba7 said...

      aah !!! thats so romantic.
      reminds me of an enrique song but stil it was better than that.

      nice poem or i should say a brilliant questionnaire ...
      i was really nice

    8. RINZU SUSAN RAJAN said...

      simple managed to convey ur deepest emotions...!!!

    9. illusiOn said...

      Lovely poem... I wish i could ask the question and above all i wish to get the answer