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    Monday, April 12, 2010

    When I Say Goodbye

    You’ll be gone soon.

    You’ll be dead

    The day I start to live;

    I’ll drift you away

    Like a feather in space...

    I bid you farewell.

    7 afterthoughts :

    1. littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

      it ended b4 i could feel the initiation of my effort :-P
      nvrmind... waitin 4 ur nxt poem....

    2. Dan* said...

      nice and evil

    3. impuregod said...

      short but nice one... it ud ve been better if yo had added a few more phrases n lines... a nice one though

    4. Me-Era* said...

      Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


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    6. Me-Era* said...

      Hey, Happy friendship day!

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      Please leave a comment too, so that I know you got it. :)
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    7. conscience of the society said...

      HI friend,

      The sound bits takes one away to unknown lands...but your words sound lacking in hope!

      Take as much hope you want from me and my words! I listen to the mystery ticks from eternity every moment...