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    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    After the dust settles...

    At the end there is emptiness...

    To remind me you were real;

    Just a hollow where hurt resides,

    After all the layers have been peeled.

    A river of salt still stains my cheek,

    Residues of stray tears that died;

    And with all the memories laid out,

    There’s a void that won’t be denied.

    Of walls, withered and bare,

    Of broken windows with jagged frames,

    I stand testimony to what has become

    Of a burning love gone up in flames.

    And after the dust has settled,

    As the foot prints begin to fade,

    The body stays, plundered of the soul -

    Sleep walking on the edge of the blade.

    And at the end there is emptiness...

    Just a scar from a heart at war;

    Then, there’s calm in this hallowed wreck,

    To remind me it was you I fought for.

    3 afterthoughts :

    1. Arthur Dent said...

      "Then, there’s calm in this hallowed wreck,

      To remind me it was you I fought for."

      This really sums up the entire episode, doesn't it? I am just amazed at how universal the feelings and emotions are, in which 'pain' manifests and expresses itself.
      Nicely conjured!

    2. Blasphemous Aesthete said...

      When a dear one leaves, not dear, but too dear, they do leave a massive void in the place they used to hold, in hearts. It is really tough to tackle it, and seldom do we want to, because of this calm.

      Nice read.

      Blasphemous Aesthete

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