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    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    I was going through my own blog and I realised I've become a depressing, silly little loser *moan*
    [Babe : You've always been depressing...what's new?? Princess of Gloom!
    Me : Shut up. I've been very happy (almost giddy!) in the last few years. hmpf.]

    I'll be better soon, I promise...just the "bad phase" we all hear about, I guess.

    P.S...those who didn't understand, don't try. It's not meant for you.

    4 afterthoughts :

    1. Silkworm said...

      tis a hard thing this growing-up. I'm glad I never did it :/

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      damn u! :P

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