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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    Side-effects of job interviews!

    I hate growing up.
    I hate having to worry about getting a job.
    I hate the fact that in my industry, the slutty, wannabe ass-wipes are doing better.

    Yes, maybe I’m jealous and bitter...but I am justified. Some people doing better than me don’t deserve it...simple fact.

    People suck. Their mentalities suck.
    I hate people suddenly turning into scheming bastards for a simple job.

    Where I stand, I see the whole utopian idea of “being a good human being” just vanish into thin air. Suddenly ‘batch mates’ are ‘competitors’ who apparently have nothing better to do than secretly plan about ‘snatching your seat’. God! I feel like I could choke every time someone says “friends” in a Group can feel all the sarcasm and hatred just ooze out with that one small, meaningful word.
    Barely 21 yr olds interacting with each other just to see how good they are compared to the find each other’s weaknesses (so they know where to attack) know each other’s strengths (so they know where NOT to attack)...fighting for jobs...
    THAT is what life has finally boiled down to.
    Sometimes I wish I could go back to school...when people actually felt good for each other...when I actually had friends who cried with me (Shakun..Ahana, love you guys!)...when people would cheer each other up during stressful times...I could go on and on forever!

    Miss everything about everything before college. I hope I can feel so intensely about college someday (seems very unlikely, but I do hope so!)

    And yes, I did get a job too.

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