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    Tuesday, January 30, 2007


    Unforgiving moments
    Unforgotten words
    I hurt at every thought,
    Slowly and slowly I numbly burn.

    Your words burn my being
    I burn in your love;
    I burn in silence…
    The silence burns me.

    My wounds are out in the open
    And yet you pretend not to see,
    The ignorance burns my soul
    How burnt do I have to be?

    I know I’m the one to blame,
    I choose to quietly burn
    Is it your fault the fire that engulfs me
    Is none other than you?

    13 afterthoughts :

    1. Brijesh said...

      So y did\do u chose\choose to 'BURN'?
      Who is getting anything out of it?

      Its not that u dont have Options?..
      U must get what u want,without compromises,simply coz its Life and just Once and Very Short!

      "impossible" is not a fact,its just an opinion!

    2. Misty Rhythm said... is a strange thing :)

    3. Brijesh said...

      LOVE is it??
      Love for wat??if its real love4anything y shud any1 burn in it?
      Y cant u enjoy every single momment of it n live happily?y shud it b 'BURN' n not 'JOY'?
      N if thr r restrictns,i prefr to throw them al n get wat u want and then think of a life!!..Who\what\y shud anything possibly stop u?

    4. Misty Rhythm said...

      complicated i suppose....
      BUT however i think wat u shud know is dat it's not as bad as i probably make it sound! as i mentioned...i write when i'm unhappy. nothing seems alright when ur unhappy, isn't it?
      all i can tell u for certain is dat i'd be zillion times more miserable without this particular "love"
      call me stupid if u must but i honestly feel at times it's just alright to be only shows the importance of love in ur life

      i dont know if i've expressed myself clearly enuf...but i hope u get wat i mean!

    5. vinay said...

      oopsy!!!i was about to comment about the poem!!but then now i am commenting about your comment!!!i think what you ahve written is not correct!!all of us try to make us even more miserable thinking that love is suffering...and true love is making us miserable thinking abt something that wasnt ours!!!well it aint so!!!my idea of love was also like urs..but then i learnd from my mistakes!!take care!!!

    6. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty vinay, i appreciate ur comment!
      but life would be mundane if we were to be happy all the time...isn't it?? honestly, i've been there isn't humanly possible to be happy all the time, if someone thinks i'm wrong, i think they're still living in a fantasy world!
      ur right, love doesn't imply suffering. what is suffering anyway?? i think being in love is just being urself and giving with all ur heart without thinking of the consequences....and the consequences can't always be good now, can they??
      please dont judge my entire life with just one poem :)...i think what my poem best describes is what i feel at THAT VERY MOMENT, not beyond. if i could write after that, u'd know how happy i am!

    7. vinay said...

      oopsy again!!!i didnt judge your entire life with a single poem!!and i know no one should ever do that!!!but my question is , how long can a person give himself/herself without expecting anything in return?If a person can be like that, he/she is so close to perfection right? able to love without getting anything in return??

      i dnt knw if life would be mundane if we are happy all the time...but whatever we are doing is to make us happy right? right the the the the studies....we derive happiness from evrythg!!!dont we??

      sorry if i am wrong!!but then was just ranting!!

    8. Misty Rhythm said...

      why not just have faith in urself and ur loved ones? i love being surprised!! yes, it maybe a bit frustrating to just give all the time, but i love every bit of it because it makes me happy.
      i think what most people miss out these days are the small things in everyday life. we keep expecting something big to happen n sweep us off our feet...n in the process we overlook the little joys that life has to offer..
      getting something in return of love doesn't mean presents and flowery can often be simple gestures that we might otherwise overlook. think abt it, i'm sure u'll find plenty such moments!

    9. vinay said...

      i do appreciate that!!if you are the kind of person who is ready to let the love be free...and never cage it..and see the beautiful bird flty around in the sky and when you se that the bird is happy..if you are happy....i am happy too!!

    10. Word Life said...

      nothing is forever,,

      when u die, they burn ur body also...

    11. andback said...

      Im just a sucker for all creative litreature(read: poems and songs) with the word burn in it 0_o

      Love sucks. Marry, and get busy with responsibilities. Period.

    12. Misty Rhythm said...

      lol...oh well. love hurts, yes. very much infact but dat isn't all...i'm glad it all happened :). no regrets

    13. Soumil said...

      ur glad it happened to u...i wish it happens to me soon ! lol...