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    Saturday, May 05, 2007

    For you...

    I’m uninspired and couldn’t care lesser. I have GOT to study, I even want to study…so I sit with my books and pick up a pen. Well, that’s about it. *note to myself: PROCEED!

    I miss the late night whispers
    From the one voice I’m so used to;
    I miss the silly, cute voices,
    I just simply miss you.
    I miss seeing you smile
    And the dimple that followed next,
    I miss the ‘mid-lecture stares’
    And the hearts doodled on every text.
    I miss the very brazen flirting-
    Unaware and ignorant of everything!
    I miss that look in your eyes
    I miss the blush that it would bring.
    I miss the accidental brush on my arms
    And all the unexpected endearing words
    I even miss listening to your songs
    Which, a thousand times I’ve heard!
    I miss the way you frown in confusion
    And bite your lip in playfulness;
    I miss the long comforting hugs
    That could kill every ounce of stress.
    I know I’ve cursed you countless times,
    Cursed the fact that you made me cry
    And every time I told you I hated you
    I want you to know I told you a lie.
    I miss the joy and laughter you brought,
    As well as the occasional verbal knives!
    I miss the excitement you brought in my life,
    Without you I don’t feel quite alive.
    I know there’s a lot more to come,
    Memories after memories due-
    But now I can’t really help myself,
    I just simply miss you.

    6 afterthoughts :

    1. Misty Rhythm said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    2. º··´`·.¸» Dragöness º··´`·.¸»™ said...

      hmm.. bujhlamm :)

    3. Anonymous said...

      hey touching wonderful poem!!!

    4. Misty Rhythm said...

      thank u :)

    5. BlacK rA!nS; CoLOr SOot said...

      i so totally identify with all that you went through. it is a learning; an experience that lingers long.

      i miss "him" too, but i felt suffocated, i couldn't be myself. And though it did not work for me,i still miss his presence in my life. but yeah! we could not have been together.
      lovely poem!!

    6. Misty Rhythm said...

      thnx :)

      yes, it was regrets :)