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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Radically Random

    Type and delete, type and delete...the process will happen at least 5 times before we finally continue. Even when we know what we want to write, the first sentence is always the most difficult to write. Oh common people...I know it happens with you too!

    My room has 25 lights. Seriously.

    The wall behind my bed is of a shade named Peanut Butter. I love the colour, I hate peanut butter. I hate peanuts.

    I have exactly 176 CDs. I don't like sharing them. I think I'll take 'em all with me to London. Maybe I'll leave behind my BSB CDs...

    I love post-its. I have green, pink, yellow, mauve and blue ones.

    There's an empty(autographed) vodka bottle in my bedside drawer. There are 20 drawers in my room. ha ha. Really.

    If you hate me, light an incense stick in my room. It triggers my migraine instantly. Oh, or just play Himesh Reshamiya.

    Only a lizard can make me vacate my room. Neha and lizards can't be in the same room. No amount of yelling/laughing/mocking can make me change my mind.

    I rub noses with a beanie(a sombre, palm sized pup named Tracker) when I'm thoughtful.

    My blanket is 20 years old. One of the edges now has a hole in it...I slip my tiny toe into it...strangely comforting. I can't part with it, no way.

    I have a thing for knives. *evil grin*

    I can't swim.

    I can roll my tongue. No no...don't laugh. Everybody can't do it, it's hereditary.

    I'm obsessively particular about the cleanliness of my bathroom. Except for the shower cubicle, there shouldn't be any water anywhere else. Even my sink counter (all glass) must stay dry.

    Our Food Safety professor was a prejudiced moron. He threw me out of class once for NO reason..."distraction among the boys at the back" is the excuse he provided. I was glad, the class was too boring anyway.

    I wonder if T still has my Vice-Captain badge...

    I lost the Captaincy elections in school by ONE vote. That was the only time I cried in public. Well, ok not exactly...I went to the washroom and cried, the public found me.

    I wanted to become the Cultural Secretary of our college, I became the Joint Secretary instead.

    I am good at giving advice. Not so good at taking it though.

    Usual first impressions of me is that I'm snobbish. I break everybody's myth about first impressions.

    I'm not bored anymore, Ghost Whisperer's starting...

    21 afterthoughts :

    1. Dan* said...

      very interesting things about u.............n my blanket is about 11 years old :P

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      ha ha....really?? i thought i was the only blanket-crazy person!!
      cheers to our blankets! :)

    3. •sowmya• said...

      20 yr old blanket :O
      and knives... sounds dangerous :P

      "distraction among the boys at the back"... amazing reason hahaha

      i know i am bored i have read the full post...

    4. 'A' Rod said... the way you put it..easy to read through

    5. RINZU SUSAN RAJAN said...

      knives and blankets...

      resembles a dangerous murder mystery kinda thingy...

    6. meswamy said...

      i love radicke tought so loved ur piece

      nd BSB CDs hmm u must be a comp freak like me[but i dont go bsd's :D]

    7. sour said...

      i really enjoyed reading your post.the best thing about writing is to be real and your writing should come from the i know you dont take advices.

      keep entertaining people from your piece of writing :)

      i am fully impressed.

      visit my blog if you have time.

    8. Misty Rhythm said...

      ha ha...ty so very much!
      rinzu...i swear i'm a complete non-violent person! i sulk n write wen i'm angry/ upset :)
      i just like knives n the worst i do is shred paper wid it :)
      peace! do u know i don't take advice? n thnx a lot..i hope i can keep 'entertaining' y'all :)

    9. paritosh said...

      your randomness is infectious. my brain is thinking all sorts of weird things about myself because of the chain reaction ur post instigated.:)
      PS- what is worse in ur room- lizaed or incense? :)
      PPS- our blogs have the same template

    10. alex paul k said...

      well its a whole lotta things written abt u n ur ways
      bt nothin much given away eithr

      25 lights & 20 drawers ???
      do u live alone in a dormitory?

    11. Misty Rhythm said...

      @ paritosh...i think the lizard wud be wayyyy worse!!!
      p.s...i like making ppl think :)
      p.p.s...i noticed the template!, na man! just my room...lotsa concealed lighting for extra drama :). explain the drawers wud be a difficult task, so i'll just let that be :)

    12. BlacK rA!nS; CoLOr SOot said...

      totally random but interesting stuff.

      i have my blanket for almost 7 years now, and i don't want to part with it either.

    13. Ash D said...

      Seriously after 20 years just one tiny hole??:O . WOW!!

      Hmm knives eh?/ U practice butchery on urself??:P

      25 lights?? I should report you to greenpeace!!!!

      Distraction among the boys.. ;) I just cant imagine why.. :D

    14. Misty Rhythm said...

      lol...ok a tiny hole n a few scruffy edges :)

      n no...i do not butcher myself :P

      oh believe me, the lights r very environment friendly...each light is abt 11 watts (power saving!) ha!

      even i can't imagine why!

    15. Rajesh said...

      Ha ha...nice post...vivid narration..

    16. Divita said...

      er... what wud happen of the BSB CDs you're going to leave here??

    17. Misty Rhythm said...

      hhmm...oh i'm sure they'll become "classics" someday :) n then have plenty of takers!

    18. parth said...

      awesome post!

      blog roll?

    19. Attila said...

      nice one lady.. u've been bookmarked!

    20. Attila said...

      and thanks for visiting my blog..

    21. Misty Rhythm said...

      @ parth & attila...

      thnx a lot :)