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    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Ridiculously Random

    There is a round black man standing before me discussing migration in the UK. I don’t understand and I’m not interested. I’m bored, tensed and sleepy. I have four assignments pending and the submission date seems to be nearing at the speed of light. Do I research the supermarkets in Britain or do I research 2012 Olympics? What the F are the Golden Rules of the F'ing Fiscal Policy??

    Hmmm…I’m bored. SO! Following from my ridiculously popular post Radically Random, I present….drum roll please….some more crap.

    I got glasses. After having perfect vision for 22 years, I got glasses! Why God why!!

    I’ve been cursed by the Gods of Energy Conservation. My current accommodation has only 3 lights.

    Mental note: stab the loud, annoying bastard sitting in front of me.

    My favourite word is Serendipity. Does it not just feel like it dances off your lips!

    I’m starting to fear burger and fries.

    I have this insane, illogical fear of stairs.

    Has anybody heard Joshua Radin?

    It’s said that people with stubby fingers tend to be very violent….criminals mostly. Umm…I strongly disagree.

    I love purple.

    My accountancy professor is Greek and 6’4”. *smirk*

    I’m a clumsy twat. I’m a walking, talking disaster. I drop almost everything I touch.

    I haven’t spotted a single lizard in London. *touch wood. Thank God!*

    You cannot escape Himesh Reshamiya anywhere. Nowhere in the world I tell you!

    My oldest piece of stationary is a red, table top pencil sharpener. I've had it since I was 7.

    I hate beer.

    I want to travel to Switzerland and buy a fabulous, expensive set of Swiss knives.

    Round black man calls me Nee-a/Naaiya/Naai (?!!)/ Neigh-ha. Is it that difficult to pronounce Neha??

    It snowed here on Diwali.

    London hasn’t had a white Christmas in about the last 10 years.

    20 minutes left for this boring lecture to get over.

    My drunken housemate flushed down a wiping cloth. Plumbing cost – 130 pounds. I wish he had thrown up in the cab instead...that would cost only a fine of 50 pounds.

    Where’s the party tonight? Heehe…I don’t know why I typed that out.

    I wonder how Quantum of Solace could even qualify as a Bond movie!

    Why do some people ask so many questions? Mental note: stab the serial question asker too.

    My Russian neighbor made Turkish wraps for me yesterday. I think I’ll send her something Chinese…

    My new laptop is just so cute!

    I need to buy a fabulous pair of boots.

    I dislike being called “Bong”. I’m Bengali. Thank you very much.

    I’m so glad George Bush is out of the picture.

    I like adding a dash of salt and pepper in my lemon tea. So what!

    If you have dimples, I automatically like you.

    I came across a website which required me to press a button to confirm I am human. Hahaha…this is all that was left to see!

    I have a terrible migraine problem.

    I take way too many painkillers. I should probably stop.

    Round black man just said I’m unusually quiet today. *snigger*

    I should probably get back to class… more later!

    Hmm I just typed in 525 words.

    Oh! I just added new music to my blog. Did anyone notice?? The second song is by Joshua Radin.

    546 words.

    18 afterthoughts :

    1. r@ls said...

      bored,its bored tat u r lady....tke sum time out and just sweat it ol in a party...cheers*note*needless to say,post is really nice..

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      thank you drunken housemate :P

    3. Arjun said...

      Havin an interestin time in London...!!

      Next time u hear Himesh Reshammia, make ur swiss plans stronger.. Go get the knives..... ;)

      Nice post 'Neigh-ha' .. !! ;)

      Have a nice time...


    4. C R D said...

      seems like the mba pace is gettin to u too. pretty much the same here. and name christopher gets mispronounced here too..sample these if u like...crees-toe-fur....crease-tougher....crease...krish...eek!

      "himes" bhai there too? [:P]

      damn..u got glasses?? i've been trying to get em since ages..saala number lagta hi nahin [:(]


      and oh btw..updated my blog..have wenever u find time :)

    5. stuntman mike said...


      nice one .... why swiss knives ?? stabbing can happen even more efficiently with the commonplace kitchen knife :)

      glasses should make you look more "corporate" ...

      and please make a mental note to stab himesh ....

    6. stuntman mike said...

      and i just came back from Jamshedpur after my medical checkup ... its beautifully fabulous !!

    7. Ashish said...

      my favourite word is also serendipity too.
      read a post on serendipity on my blog from here

    8. PeArL said...

      There is a Fine for throwing up in a cab! :0

      i do think Quantum of Solace tried to break away from the cliched Bond movie.

      Hope u at least find a komodo if not a lizard in London ;)

      and yes please make plans of using those Swiss knives and Ur boots on "HIMESH RESHAMIAA".

      Even i have turned into a rum and a coke chic ;)

      One thought from me---- Pearl misses you. Pearl wants to give u a Polar bear hug.

    9. Misty Rhythm said...

      thanx so much :)

      @arjun....i wudn't want to dirty my swiss knives :P

      @ crees-toe-fur...heehehe...himes bhai's everywhr!!!

      @ mike...i think the best way to kill him is to drown him in his own voice!
      jamshedpur's amazing, ain't it! :)....damn i miss home :(

      @ wat a 'serendipity'! :)...will go thru ur blog for sure :)

      @ pearly whirly...i miss u toooooo!! tooo toooo tooo much :(...awww big big big grizzly bear hug to u!

    10. Misty Rhythm said...

      ummm..dude thr's a fine for everything here!! n no COMODO's either!

    11. º··´`·.¸» Dragöness º··´`·.¸»™ said...

      My accountancy professor is Greek and 6’4”. *smirk*


    12. º··´`·.¸» Dragöness º··´`·.¸»™ said...

      I need to buy a fabulous pair of boots.= UGG OR BALI

      London hasn’t had a white Christmas in about the last 10 years.
      =that city is simply S-A-D!

      I prefer being called Bong than Bangladheshi....CAUSE I AM NOT... I AM AN INDIAN!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

      I like adding a dash of salt and pepper in my lemon tea. So what!
      = I like Blue cheese with Mellon and a dash of salt and pepper on my mandarin oranges! so what!

      Joshua Radin=is kinda nice! =D

    13. Misty Rhythm said...


      i know!isn't it annoying how ppl abroad just assume all bengalis r bangladeshi!! not dat i have anything against bangladeshis...but as u said, we're indian for crying out loud!!

      ooohh i like salt n pepper on oranges as well!

      joshua radin = mmmmmmm ;)

      oh! it snowed here again last week :)

    14. Rashi V said...

      I have glasses and absolutely adore them! Makes me feel older ;)

      My favorite word is supposedly! No idea why!!

      I fear elevators.. I have climbed 22 floors inorder not to get into one alone!

      I have stubby fingers..Im violent (maybe) but not criminal!

      Greek prof! How the hell do you study??

      Im the clumsy too ..The amount of free pepsi McDs have given me because I dropped them on the way would feed quite a few people, I think!

      I hate beer too...

      I have no idea what people will do to my name!!!

      A white Diwali?? Interesting!!!

      I ask too many questions! Do you want to stab me ?? *puppy eyes*

      I love me laptop!!!

      I want boots too...Sexy high boots :D

      George Bush---Me too!!

      Dimples--- Me drooooool

      Human and me? You gotta be kidding! ;)

      I have migranes too

      I am addicted to pain killers too!

      Researching on Joshua!! :)

      Thanks for the blogrolling!! :D

    15. Misty Rhythm said...

      hahaaha...nah, i like u. wont stab u :)

      22 friggin floors!! woah!

      *sigh* greek prof...he teaches well too. ummm..n dat's not just my opinion, the boys agree too :)

      hmmm..i see we agree on almost everything :D

      22 floors!!! hahahaaa

    16. asit dhal said...

      I also like people with dimples and hate dark people....Ohhh I am a racist...

    17. AnNie said...

      hey there... stubled upon a nice blog after a longgg time... nice post...

    18. Kaber said...

      Duh uh .. :D hello i chanced upon your blog from arjun's follower's list

      Mental post.

      Your blog looks is good, where did u get the template

      serendipity does seem to dance off my tounge.. never noticed that.. do you mind if i use it for a poem or story :)

      after u stab the guy in front of you, and the guy asking too many questions, (are they both the same person) kill the guy with fake hair, who sings through his nose