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    Saturday, January 17, 2009


    8th Jan, 2009

    So well, after attending to phone calls all night (and early morning), at around 7:45 am, I decided there was really no point trying to sleep. So, after rolling around in my super-cozy blanket a few more times, I dragged myself out of bed. Then I helped myself to a breakfast of a hearty chunk of extra gooey chocolate cake with a generous dollop of whipped cream *heaven*. Then I danced my way to the shower and of course the water was just luxuriously warm. THEN I spent almost an hour and half with my deliciously-red-good-enough-to-eat Pomegranate Body Polish and almost-reminds-me-of-Hawaii Coconut and Almond Oil Hair Conditioner... and an additional half an hour with my sweetly scented (with a hint of vanilla) Brazil Nut Body Butter.

    Final touch: the zesty, spicy, musky, oh-so-aptly-named Fuel For Life Unlimited by Diesel.

    Ah. Bliss. I love being the birthday girl.

    5 afterthoughts :

    1. Arjun said...

      haha... So enjoyed ur B'day..!! :)
      n with all that food... omg.. must have had a blast...

      I loved the expression- "luxuriously warm" .. :)


    2. uchiha tejesh said...

      belated bday wishes , :)

      nice template btw

    3. IcE MaiDeN said...

      hey there. wish u a very happy belated bday. hope u had a rockin time. :)

    4. Misty Rhythm said...

      thanx u guys :)

      @arjun...luxuriously warm...i never realised how lovely it sounds till u brought it up :)

      p.s...this was my 50th post...wat a fabulous co-incidence!!

    5. workhard said...

      Hmm, very graphical, sometimes v all deserve such treatment:)