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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Heard in the silence...

    Shamelessly expressed,

    yet mysteriously hidden so-

    Words scattered carelessly,

    Tears now threatening to show.

    Here I stand before you

    Barer than ever before -

    I sold my soul to emptiness

    Hope- I have no more.

    I turn my face away from you,

    To not see you turning your back on me;

    I dry my tears as fast as I can-

    Before you can pretend not to see.

    I fiercely hold my words back,

    Before you can act aloof;

    And drown myself in irrelevance

    My scars, the only remaining proof.

    I watch you sleep blissfully

    While I die a little each day,

    I close my eyes and speak to the silence

    Of everything you didn’t let me say.

    9 afterthoughts :

    1. Satans Darling™ said...

      I don't know why... But this poem has an amazing after effect. And instantly there is White Flag by Dido playing in my mind... I don't know why!

      Great work girl, lovely poem. Very "From-The-Heart"!!

    2. stuntman mike said...

      it's beautiful how we take pleasure in pain. it knows no stopping. i guess it is safer this way, maybe i won't know how to react to times rosy and happy. maybe then, i would be unable to appreciate poetry like this.

    3. IcE MaiDeN said...

      Hey! Seconding the above opinions. U hav no idea wht reading tht poem felt like to me... felt lik i was redaing my own thoughts.. picturing me n someone who recently stamped all over my heart.. n left. :| Its very difficult to hear someone say "I know hw to feel".. cz most of the time i feel like wht d heck r u talking abt?! u dunno one damn thing!!

      n here i am... reading my exact thoughts from the writings of a stranger. So very straight from the heart. Amazing!!

      n loved the new songs!! :)


    4. workhard said...

      Hi, i think i join your club.. and Ice Maidens too, these are the situations in life that makes one bitter to a certain extent..

      Poetry directory

    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      @satan's darling....i luv white flag :), thnx so much!

      @mike...i wudn't be driven to write if thr was no pain. yes, things wud be strange if it were to be all rosy!but dat's life i guess - a bit of everything, n sometimes a little too much...

      @ice's strangely comforting to know u understand how i feel...n i wish u come out of this mess hail n hearty :)

      @workhard...bitter...hmm well maybe not. hopeless, yes.

    6. gauravbrills said...

      the peom shall I say rhymes well to convey one of the most innermost feelings ...and grabs the reader into the position of "I" in the poem ..Though I felt for as it does have a sad tone.. but hearing it I can judge you had written this with ur eyes wide closed..

      cheers !

    7. Ankit said...

      It's really awesome to represent ur deep & innermost feeling into words...
      Superb Work...

    8. Anand said...

      Words weave magic when put together this way.
      Extremely beautiful.

    9. Luscious Sealed Lips said...

      Ouch! That hurts.