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    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Girl friend(s)

    I need a girl friend right now. Now before you, my lovely readers get any ideas…not a girlfriend, I mean a girl (who’s a) friend. Yes, I’ve almost always been ‘one of the guys’ but this is a little too much - even for me. All and I mean ALL my friends here are boys!! Yes, there are many girls I know here but I just never ‘hit it off’ with any of them. It’s almost frustrating sometimes…there are just so many things I miss, But alas! *sigh*

    Here are a few, just off the top of my head…
    Watch a chick-flick in PJ’s minus the oh-so-macho-(funny??!) comments…and at least one of us crying.

    Sleepovers. With vodka, soda, smokes, popcorn, ice cream, late-night radio and a whole lot of secrets.

    Ah. Ice-cream. An important entity in girl-bonding. whole slabs/ buckets and plenty of spoons. Bowls banned. Butterscotch. Yum.

    Gorging on junk food without a damn care in the world! Yes women are health conscious and men are the big eaters. But when it comes to junk food- we have no competition.

    Spending hours in a bookstore without being hurried.

    Shopping! It’s ZERO fun shopping with a guy. Haahah…unless they have a purpose or they’re getting something out of it *wink* *wink*…their attention span/ interest lasts for at most 5 minutes. Oh! And you cannot linger in the lingerie section no matter how much the laces and the satins beckon you!!

    Group Hugs. Let me rephrase - bear hugs. Hearty, uninhibited affection. Cure for everything.

    Collective drooling and sighing over Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Arjun Rampal, Rahul Bose, etc etc etc (yes babe, Farhan Akhtar too!).

    Get-togethers without beer!

    Crying without being embarrassed and comforted by the fact that the other person actually knows exactly what’s hurting us.

    Lastly, I’m sorry boys but…NOT addressing each other (oh-so-casually) with filthy cusses. Oh wait. NOT cussing while talking for let‘s say 10 minutes!! (come on boys, admit it…you all do it!). Oh no, mister, I’m not done yet! I miss going through one day, ONE DAY without hearing a bathroom joke or a reference to some bathroom activity!

    Well…these are just a few of the gazillions things I miss. I just listed down the things I miss most right now.

    I miss you girlies…
    Piu di

    14 afterthoughts :

    1. Pearly Whirly said...

      Hey gurl.....awwwhhhhh i have freaking tears in my eyes. *sigh*

      Been a while that chick- flicks,vodka,smoke,late night FM, secrets,caramel in the butterscotch ice cream,fantasizing about " Gere-Jackson-Depp" and the likes, are not the SAME WITHOUT YOU and MOU babes!

      and your bathroom misses you and the jokes too!!!

      miss ya will suck if i don't meet ya before i leave!

    2. R.V said...

      Aww! I so know what you mean! Which part of the world you are? Should I fly there? Trust me, if you like butterscotch ice-cream, vodka and Hugh Jackman, then I'm there :)

    3. Misty Rhythm said...

      awww both comments by girls :)
      @pearly...miss u too luv! thiissssssssss much! i hope i get to meet u too :(...i hope u, mou n me get to have another sleepover-movie-ice cream-hug party :)

      @R...thnx soooo much! n anytime u need a girl friend too, u can count mee in :)...oh, i'm in london :(

    4. IcE MaiDeN said...

      I SO knw wht u mean too!!!..sigh! (dreams of grls nite out!!)

      Watching a chick-flick in PJ’s// awesome!!

      Sleepovers. With vodka, soda, smokes, popcorn, ice cream, late-night radio and a whole lot of secrets. // aaahhh!!! grl, u brought bac a whole treasure of memories wid tht line!!!

      Ice-cream.// *drools*

      when it comes to junk food- we have no competition.// DAMN RIGHT!!! lolz

      Spending hours in a bookstore without being hurried// FINALLY some knws wht tht means!!

      Shopping!... // ROFL!!! seriously. i hate being hurried in d lingerie section!! :P

      Group Hugs. // Awwww..

      Collective drooling.. // *dreams already!!!*

      Get-togethers without beer!// Vodka instead! lolz.

      Crying..// another hordeful of memories. :)

      Cussing.. // ROFL!!! i SO knw wht u mean..sacchi!! :)

      Awesome read.. I m gonna go hav a grls nite out ASAP. :)

    5. CrAzY fReAk! said...

      Aww.. that's so naiice! You make me want to have a sleepover, right now! :P It's so well written, exactly what EVERY girl wants! :)
      Keep writing! :)

    6. C R D said...

      someone's missing her friends.

      totally agree with everything u said thr..

      except for the cussing..ive seen gals cuss a lot more than boys these days (atleast the ones ive seen:P)


    7. Misty Rhythm said...

      @ice maiden & crazy...girls rock! \m/ ...i'm smiling ear to ear now :). here i was missing my frnds and ur comments filled me wid some more patience and a whole lotta promise :)

      @kris-toe-fur(heehehe)....yes, i agree girls do cuss a lot sometimes but more than the boys? i think not! u're seeing da wrong girls...tch tch ;). cmmn think abt a l'il...usually the first words out of a guy's mouth while talkin to their guy frnds are cusses!! i know it's completely unintenntional and affectionate..but still!

    8. d gypsy! said...

      hopin u get ur girl who is frnd soon and do all these things...




    9. Arjun said...

      May u find ur girlfriends' soon... hehe


    10. coffeeismypoison said...

      I've never really had a girlfriend. And of late, ive been pretty lonely. I actually thought u were advertising...!! So i got an idea for an advertisement!!! Do checkout my blog and comment.

    11. Tan said...

      Wish you all friendship... May you find and live with your friends as always!!

      I'm still enjoying my vacation. Spent sometime in writing this story. want you to read it and tell me how it is. Hope you like it.

      Mistake: A Scary reason @ Thus Wrote Tan!

    12. DPhatsez said...

      Guilty of being a guy,using cusses and bonding over liquor! Hence the entire post went way over my head.

      however im taking notes for using in my book 'What Women Want'(like ANYONE knows)


      Oh my first time: HI!!

    13. Misty Rhythm said...

      thnx everyone :)...u'll be happy to know i'm going home next month for a whole month!! yayyy!

      and @dphatsez...bonding over liquor is good! as long as it's not beer :). lolz...lemme know how dat book turns out...if u ever finish it dat is!!

    14. Bullshee said...

      Whats the *wink wink*???

      Tell me? Is there some secret thing I can get outta taking babes shopping?

      You don't know me. I'm the naive one.