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    Thursday, May 07, 2009

    I apparently was the object of a pervert’s fantasies. A pervert who very sadly happens to be a housemate. I’ve tolerated his loud foul mouth with the firm belief that there’s goodness in him. And he went around narrating his sick fantasies to some other male housemates. I don’t know if anybody else participated…I don’t care if they didn’t. I’m a little disgusted by all of them. why? Because none of these grown men had the bloody decency to ask the sick bastard to shut up. I figure that would be breaking some secret male-bonding code. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not some radical feminist, but can you blame me for being angry? And Angry I am. Very very angry. I feel violated. And I feel hurt. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the ‘flashy’ kind. I’m neither flirtatious nor am I cheap. On the contrary, one might say I’m even a bit conservative. I know my limits and I take special care not to send any mixed signals to anybody. I’ve suffered and I’ve learnt. So while I’m angry, violated and hurt, I’m also confused about what I did to ever encourage this little pervert to have such thoughts. And today when I confronted him, I just realized that the answer is in my question…He is a sick minded pervert. He doesn’t require need encouragement to be the dirty son of a bitch that he is.

    Believe it or not, he uses the word ‘whore’ (translated into various languages and slangs) for every woman who’s not his family. He believes all women dancers are equivalent to bar dancers/strippers. He condones sexual abuse/rape because it obviously is the woman’s fault for dressing suggestively or roaming the streets late at night. He believes that marriage entitles a man to force sex upon his wife. Yes ladies, such men exist.

    Hmm. Well. don’t really know what else to write even though my mind is boiling over and spewing hot rage everywhere! All I can say to you, yes YOU, is that I really don’t care about your apologies, you never really were my friend. Forget forgiveness! Honestly you were just an acquaintance whom I don’t have to acknowledge anymore. I hope you rot in hell and as I told you earlier, I’m sorry you even have a mother. I don’t usually take names in my blog, but this time I want friends and acquiantances to know, to be warned...

    I hate you, Ridwan Gazi.

    P.S….don’t worry about me. I’m a strong girl. And I still do have a few nicer housemates :)

    8 afterthoughts :

    1. IcE MaiDeN said...

      fcking bastard!!! hope he rots in hell!!! such men shud be... oh jaane do!!! he doesnt even deserve a minutes mention!!

      u tak care. n if u decide to beat d shit out of him.. give one kick on his mthrfkin balls from me.


    2. IcE MaiDeN said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
    3. Arjun said...

      It wld be a disgrace to even talk abt him......

      ur P.S should take along u along... Don worry.. :)


    4. uchiha teee said...

      Ive heard many rumors this kind.Sad that you were one of the victim . Cheer up and ignore him.


      Believe it or not, he uses the word ‘whore’for every woman who’s not his family. Include "girlfriends who are not ex-s"

    5. Darshan Chande said...

      The power of words shows in the post. Great writing!

      As for the guy referred to in the post even I am sorry such guys exist.

      First time here.. so Hi...!

      PS: What do you mean by "housemate" there?

    6. Ashwadhy said...

      Throughly disgusting.... I have no idea how such idiots says such things and get away with it. You take care girl and don't let the mere worm make you feel upset and wondering.

    7. Hakuna Matata said...

      *standing ovation*

    8. ramsub said...

      wonderfully written (and when society tries to tell you that it's your fault and the guy can be excused......... Just don't listen!)