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    Friday, August 21, 2009

    The one

    *Note: Slightly bolder terrain! Reader discretion advised*

    If it was possible to choose who we fell in love with, she probably wouldn’t be sitting in the corner, alone, crying after he left.

    They were strangers who were instantly attracted to one another. She was floored by his confident disposition and flattered by his undivided attention. He was spellbound by her mystique. He told her he wanted had been long since she’d felt that desired and just knowing so made her want to give in to him completely. She knew at that very moment that what was to happen from that point on, would be irreversible. He would be the one man she would never forget.

    Things were simple. They were two weathered souls who no longer believed in the happily ever after. They were adults aware of their wants and desires and made no charade of emotions. All that was unnecessary. He wanted her and she longed to be cherished.


    Or so it seemed.

    She fell in love with him. He did not. He never would...he’d made certain she knew that. She was special to him and he wouldn’t dare do anything to hurt her. She was free to walk out of their “arrangement” anytime. He spoke very little…considered it a waste of time in which he’d rather make love to her. The passion with which he devoured her in bed left her breathless and weak. Love was never to be mentioned. But that could not stop her from hopelessly falling in love with the one man she would never have.

    Her entire day was spent in anticipation of the few hours he’d spend with her in the evening. She knew so little about his life but there was a silent agreement that they’d meet at her apartment when he wanted to see her. He’d stay for a few hours; sometimes even late into the night. But he’d never stay the night. He’d be uncomfortable when she’d fall asleep in his arms and would wake her up to wish her a good night and drive away. It all had to happen by his rules. It was at these times, after he left, that she’d breakdown and weep inconsolably in the emptiness of her apartment and her life. For once she wanted to fall asleep feeling him breathe and wake up in his arms. She wished he’d ask her about her day and hold her a little longer. She longed to be a part of his life. She longed to be loved despite knowing that he would never love again.

    She cried so hard, she could feel her body tremble. She wrapped her arms around herself…lonely, afraid of the realization that she too, would never love again.

    8 afterthoughts :

    1. ani_aset said...

      That was very sad account of someone longing for love, and being helpless about it. Seems like the guy is a perfect opportunist to have found her

    2. IcE MaiDeN said...


      Almost always u manage to take one aspect of my life and weave it into a breathtaking beautiful story.. :)


    3. Meera said...

      sad...hope its fiction!!

    4. Karthik Murali said...

      absolutely riveting..
      really startles one , when we realize hw far the truth can go ,
      beyond the escapades of fiction

      jus pitying that girl , who is letting her used by a nasty guy

    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      @ani...sad it is! opportunist..yes, maybe...but how silly of the girl too, dont u think!

      @annie...i pray no one relates to this one!

      @meera...gosh! i hope it's fiction too!!

      @karthik...thank you :). well! such things do happen, doesn't it...thus the saying - 'truth is stranger than fiction'. if any such thing was to happen around me, i think instead of pitying them, i'd do some serious ass kicking!! it's (self)pity that gets people in such situations in the 1st place.

      thank u soooo much everyone for reading :)

    6. Miss M said...

      Hey Misty!

      Is everything okay?
      Are you okay?

      Love takes it's time babe. Give it some time. Dont forget one thing..that there is always hope!

    7. workhard said...

      Hi.. that was heartbreaking..cause i have been through a parallel story... like this.. but time heals everything.. but at that moment.. its your world falling apart..if its a true story.. which i hope its not ....just hang in there..

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    8. adt said...

      i dont know how this post is related to you personally.. but such mature delivery.. bowled over by your posts..keep writing