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    Tuesday, August 25, 2009


    Okay! Freelancer tagged me with this one almost about a month back…and I’ve just been a little too caught up! My bad! So here is the A-Z of me :)…

    A Available/Single? – Single and available are not the same thing! And the answer would be a ‘NO’ for both.

    B Best friend? – can’t pick one! I’m blessed with two.

    CCake or Pie? – Cake mostly…umm but I’m sort of weird that way. No regular double/triple/quadruple chocolate for me!! I prefer fresh cream cakes…black forest, fresh cream-pineapple, etc etc. ooooh and cheesecakes! But warm apple pie with ice-cream/ whipped cream (or both!) -yum!

    DDo I want something right now?– Yes! Craving for the above mentioned cakes/pie now!

    EEssential item you use every day? – Well…toothbrush, keys, wallet, etc go without saying I suppose. SO I would say…kohl. In my defense…my eyes feel puffy if I don’t apply kohl. :P

    FFreedom to me is? – Unattainable for most of us. In the modern day, we mere mortals are bound by time.

    GGiggle / Laughter – a whole hearted laugh.

    H Heart / Brain –Brain! Ze heart is a lot of trouble!

    IIndulgence/ Addiction? – After Eight :). For people who don't's a chocolate.

    JJuly or July?January ;) …my birthday month!

    K Kids & their names? – errr… say what?

    L - Life is – poetry in motion…sometimes we struggle to make the words rhyme and sometimes stumble upon beauty even in the total lack of rhythm.

    M Mistakes – multiple shots of tequila at 4 am! Haahah…ok jokes apart! Mistakes are essential to know what’s right for us.

    N Number of siblings? Two loverly little sisters :)

    OOne thing I hate to accept? – I get hurt easily. Whattodo foolish heart!

    P Pictures / Reality – reality captured in pictures.

    Q Quote for today? – ‘Multi-tasking - screwing everything up simultaneously’!

    R Reason behind my brain working these days? – Well, tried the heart…and let’s just say the heart and I had a li'l fallout! So back to the good ol’ brain!

    S Season? – Winter :)…snuggling up in couch in a cozy blanket, hot chocolate and a good book…walking around the house in an oversized sweater and colourful socks…going to sleep tucked in a warm, fluffy blanket…Christmas :)

    T Tag 3 People? – Hmm I tag the three people who really really want to do this tag!

    U Unknown fact about me? - I lick the bowl clean after finishing the soup in it. Fortunately, I don’t do this in public. :)

    VVegetable you don't like? – Pumpkins. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!

    W Worst habit? – I can never reach anywhere on time!

    XX-rays you've had? – Quite some! Dislocated limbs, back injury, immigration procedures…enough?

    Y Yes?? Yuck??? – err…what do you want me to answer???

    ZZodiac sign? – One helluva stubborn Capricorn!

    7 afterthoughts :

    1. Meera said...

      Interesting! :P

    2. rals said...

      hmm...!!!nice knowing u..c u later.. ;P ..kiddin lol...
      nice tag format and even nicer and smarter are the answers..keep up the work..!!

    3. ani_aset said...

      nice read..i think many lick the bowl, i do that with my maggi :D

    4. workhard said...

      Nice tag...

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    5. Arjun said...

      haha.. most ppl who've done this have a similar answer to the first one.. :D

      I liked the quote... am right now screwing up a few things :P

      nice tag.. :)


    6. Miss M said...

      You dont like pumpkins? Like shedho bhaat with shedho kumro? No?

    7. Divya said...

      I think most people cant resist licking the bowl when not out :D

      And yes Im a kaajal addict too :P