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    Friday, October 16, 2009


    I dare you to break boundaries,

    And freefall into this abyss;

    I dare you to take a chance,

    And be dead or find your bliss.

    Be tired of running away

    To find your way back home;

    Dare to hold on to eternity

    In shifting oceans of foam.

    Make the biggest mistake -

    And let happiness in your heart;

    Let the sun shine upon you…

    Dare to make a new start.

    Hope! Expect! Want!

    Rightfully demand for me!

    Claim your place in my heart…

    I'm yours…or can’t you see?

    Give in to yourself -

    To what you and I could be;

    I dare you to close your eyes,

    And give yourself to me.

    1 afterthoughts :

    1. ani_aset said...

      wow :) many would love to hear that :D