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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009


    Ever present, effervescent presence -

    You linger long after you’re gone,

    Leaving a fiery trail of emptiness,

    Heartstrings tugged at and undone.

    You remain – untouched and unmoved,

    You stay hidden behind a violet veil;

    You watch, observe carefully

    As I wither away and become frail.

    You match every step,

    You know my every move;

    Undeterred by ignorance,

    You’re a constant I cannot elude.

    Consumed by hatred,

    You’re driven by greed;

    Severed as I lie in your path,

    Satisfied, you watch me bleed.

    You stay long after I’m gone;


    You blend in with the void…

    You’re poison, a sedative scent.

    You’re a stubborn stain,

    A constant, nagging reminder,

    You’re a scar that refuses to fade,

    A memory that won’t be blurred.

    You prosper with fear,

    You feed off my weakness…

    Evidence of my crude existence,

    You’re an insatiable darkness.

    5 afterthoughts :

    1. r@ls said...

      nice one sweety...keep up the work.!!
      deep bloody deep..!!!

    2. Samadrita said...

      That was amazing.Not only did you make the lines rhyme but also depict your emotions so beautifully.
      Great work :)

    3. sawan said...

      its beautiful!
      i liked lines 9-12 the best

    4. ki said...

      Thank you for sropping by and saying such fabulous things about my blog!!!

      P.S. I love the phrase "insatiable darkness". Very well done. :)

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