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    Monday, November 29, 2010


    There’s so much that has been unsaid-

    Waiting to be set free,

    Bound by tempers and tantrums,

    Silenced by distances between you and me.

    We look at each other longingly

    Intentionally brushing skin to skin;

    We try to revive the dying flames

    Of a fire that burnt deep within.

    We’re left with shreds of sanity,

    We cling to the reminiscence of love;

    We chase a dream that once was-

    A dream lost in the push and shove.

    We exit in cool contempt,

    Gathering bullets on our way...

    Tattered and torn we reach out,

    As always, we were late today.

    Words collapse to pauses,

    Pauses melt into eternity,

    And as we waited for a moment to speak-

    One day, we became you and me.

    Apologies for being away for so big reason. Just uninspired, maybe too busy, maybe too lazy and maybe a little numb. Whatever it may be, there really is no justification.

    In other news, I'm back in the City of Joy for good and enjoying the lovely onset of winter wonderfulness! No promises, but I will try to be as frequent in blogsville as I can. For all those who've still remembered this space and tried to check up on me...thank you so very much! I will catch up on all your posts soon!


    5 afterthoughts :

    1. IcE MaiDeN said...

      Absolutely love that poem... love it so much i want to put it on my blog! It spoke all the things I have been struggling to say in the last couple of months!

      Missed ya! :)


    2. P.T said...

      Love it its lik we both are going thru the same thing but only problem there can't be and you and him with me.

    3. tropical seagull said...

      the fading vestiges of which was once burning need for each other.
      nice poem!

    4. VIDYA said...

      ....she's back.And how.

    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      thank you soo much, all you loverly people :)
      @annie...awwwww :) we must be soul sisters in some parallel world ;)
      @P.T. - i guess every relationship comes to such a point...then it can either soar and get better or you're left with difficult decisions. hope things work out for the best
      @tropical seagull - thank you...pretty much summed it all up in a line :)
      @vidya...thank you very much :)...hopefully i can get myself to write more often!