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    Saturday, October 01, 2011


    We were in an embrace,

    Your face turned away from me...

    I smiled at the moment,

    Unaware of what was to be.

    We breathed in perfect synchrony -

    Our hearts dancing in the rise and fall;

    Your arms tightened around my waist,

    In every moment, the world grew small.

    You broke away and lit a smoke -

    Inhaled and exhaled with criminal flair;

    Burnt and spent to ashes,

    Obscure swirls disappeared into thin air.

    The remnants crushed under your boot,

    You turned and pulled me into you;

    Your touch cold and unloving,

    Your eyes, a steely hue.

    The stench of smoke rested on my breath,

    Your iron grip marked my skin;

    Your gaze gnawed through sanity,

    Consuming it from the heart within.

    A tempest morphed from a gentle calm,

    The storm to be braved became you;

    You had me for life in your embrace,

    Now you've ripped my heart out too.

    4 afterthoughts :

    1. Anonymous said...

      This post is really something lady. Literilly made my skin crawl while reading through it..GR8 work there..Keep it up..!!!

    2. Arv said...

      intense recall... good one :)

    3. Anonymous said...

      WOw! Great work :D

    4. sawan said...

      6 months is a long time!! come back, wudnt u?