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    Thursday, September 17, 2009

    Home, Happiness and Happy Birthday :)

    Guess who's back home :)

    Anyway, my little sister turned 17 today. So our youngest sister and I decided to bake her a cake instead of getting one from the pastry shop. It was sooo much fun!! You guys have to see this...

    Here's the birthday girl about to cut the cake (ater being smothered by chocolate icing from the cake her friends got). I know, I know...I have to work on the icing!


    And here is a cross section of the cake. Believe it :)

    Anyone wants a piece? :)

    P.S. The uper layer had purple too...wonder where it disappeared!

    Update: The purple has been found :))

    8 afterthoughts :

    1. IcE MaiDeN said...

      Ohhh yummmyyy!!!! :P That looks awesome!!! Send me a peice over please!!! :P :D

      N yeah, Happppyyy Bdayyyy to the bday girl! :)


    2. Aarthi said...

      Happy Burrday to your sistah! :)

      And the cake looks yummy!! :D :D

    3. Meera said...

      ooooooooo......LOVELY cake! :)

    4. Arjun said...

      woahhh.. The cake looks just too tempting..!! :P

      Wishes frm my side to ur sister.. :)


    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty for all the wishes and the compliments people :). Much appreciated :)

    6. workhard said...

      Oh My.....That rainbow looks sooo yummmy....

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    7. Andy Rulz...! said...

      ummmmmmmm...nice cake...:)

    8. santia said...

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