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    Friday, April 08, 2011

    The Bengali Affair

    Apparently, my love affair with Bengali writing hasn't ended yet.

    When I wrote my first Bengali poem back in 2009, I was almost certain that it would be my last. Not because I didn't want to write in Bengali anymore, but because I didn't think I had it in me. But if there's one thing I've learnt about writing, especially poetry, it is that it's best beyond our control. Words choose themselves and that we are just the medium.

    So, this is me letting go.


    তোমার পথে চলে,

    আনন্দে পথ হারিয়ে

    এসেছি বহু দূর, সব ভুলে

    সেই মোড়, সেই গাছ,

    কিন্তু কেমন অচেনা লাগে আজ-

    গাছের সেই আলো ছায়ার নাচ

    তোমার খুশিতে খুঁজেছি নিজেকে,

    ভুলেছি আমার দুঃখে তুমি নেই;

    হাওয়ায় উড়ে আসা শুকনো পাতা তুমি,

    ঝড়ের বেগে উড়ে চলেছ সেই

    গোধূলি আভা ছুঁয়েছে তোমায়,

    তোমার স্পর্শে আজ রাঙা বাতাস;

    তুমি যেন এক চেনা-অচেনা স্বপ্ন,

    তুমি দিনের শেষে সেই দীর্ঘশ্বাস

    রাতের আড়ালে লুকানো সে ব্যাথা,

    তুমি দিনের আলোতে দেখা দাওনা তাই;

    একটা ছায়া যার পিছু করে না কেও,

    তোমার আগুনে পুড়ে, রয়ে গেছে ছাই

    And, this is how it would read-


    Tomaar pothe choley

    Anonde poth hariye,

    Eshechi bohu dur, shob bhuley.

    Sheiy mod, sheiy gaach,

    Kintu kemon achena lage aaj-

    Gaacher sheiy alo chayaar naach.

    Tomar khushi’te khujechi nijeke,

    Bhulechi aamar dukkhe tumi neiy;

    Haway ude asha shukno pata tumi,

    Jhor’er bege ude cholecho sheiy.

    Godhuli abha chuyeche tomay,

    Tomar sphorshe aaj ranga batash;

    Tumi jeno ek chena-achena sapno,

    Tumi diner sheshe sheiy dirghosshash.

    Raater aarale lukono she byatha,

    Tumi diney alo’te dekha daona taiy;

    Ekta chhaya jar pichu kore na keo,

    Tomar aagune poorey, roye geche chhaiy.

    P.S. Open the comments section to find a rough translation :)

    5 afterthoughts :

    1. Misty Rhythm said...

      Yes, the dreaded rough translation!


      I've walked on your path,
      And gladly lost my way;
      I've left behind everything and come far.
      The same bend in the road, the same tree,
      Yet, it seems unfamiliar today -
      All the shadows dancing off the tree.
      I've looked for happiness in your joy,
      Forgotten that you've never been part of my sorrows;
      You're like a dry leaf blown by the breeze,
      Storms fly you further away.
      You've been touched by a tint of twilight,
      Your caress lingers in the breeze;
      You're like a known yet unknown dream -
      Like a sigh at the end of the day.
      You're a pain hiding behind the dark night,
      And so you never reveal yourself in the light;
      You're a shadow that no one follows,
      You're a fire that's burnt everything to ashes.

      Maybe, not an exact translation, but close enough. It's difficult to get the intensity of the words when translated but I hope you get the drift :)

    2. Blasphemous Aesthete said...

      Love not returned is a mistake, both for the one who loved and the one who did not return it.

      Nice one!

      Blasphemous Aesthete

    3. Misty Rhythm said...

      ah but which lover loves to be loved back? and what love doesn't burn the lover in its flames? is it possible to learn to love without being burnt? how else would we know else would a phoenix rise from its ashes?

      thanks for liking it :)

    4. Sourav said...

      Love and the lovers and the loved!

      PS - Loved the actual post more! Since I've spent most years of my life in Bengal and could read the actual post in Bangla and coz somethings are better when original :)

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