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    Sunday, April 24, 2011

    The Pain

    What do you do with the pain? The pain that’s eating away at your existence, threatening to corrode your very soul?

    It conquers your life, runs it the way it wishes to, twists you into many complicated knots till you can’t breathe. The pain becomes a separate entity and watches you burn from the inside out.

    It even lends a match.

    The pain.

    It manifests itself into different forms, changing like a chameleon hiding for cover...sometimes hot, angry tears...sometimes acrid words spewed out of a bleeding lip...sometimes a razor sharp cut on the skin. And sometimes, numbness. A blunt force trauma to the heart with no visible wounds.

    Tears don’t surface.

    Words lose voice

    The gashes are too deep inside. Too concealed to be revealed.

    The pain seeps through the veins like an invisible, untraceable drug. The pain grows on you like possesses you.

    That dull ache in your heart becomes your new heartbeat.

    Silence becomes your new voice.

    It’s the shadow that only leaves you when you’re in the dark – frightened, cold and alone. And every time you think it’s safe to step out into the light, you find it just where you left it.

    Waiting patiently.

    Laughing at your naivety.

    Foolish you.

    You give in to its iron grip. Leave everything behind, take off your shoes and prepare to walk on broken glass. Fragments of your life.

    And you see blood seeping through.

    How else would pain walk you down its path?

    3 afterthoughts :

    1. Blasphemous Aesthete said...

      Pain, without love
      Pain, I can't get enough
      Pain, I like it rough
      'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all

      Pain, it is not what controls us, but it is something we have let ourselves to be controlled with.
      Fly away, from pain and pleasure alike, it will be all right.

      Nice post.

      Blasphemous Aesthete

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    3. eclectic said...

      loved the writing, somehow feel connected to this.