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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Pardoxes of love: The Clueless Clairvoyant

    • The Idealist
    • The Pragmatist
    • The Clueless Clairvoyant.

    TI: Let’s float on clouds, spread wings and fly!
    TP: Let’s work for now or tomorrow we’ll cry.
    TI: Who cares for tomorrow, forever we shall be...
    TP: Oh come on! There is no such thing as eternity.

    TI: I’ll leave it to luck; time will take care of it all,
    TP: Waiting around will only cause our downfall.
    TI: I have big ambitions – a secret I can’t reveal
    TP: I must! I must show the world I have the zeal!

    TI: My life is complicated because I won’t speak
    TP: Speaking isn’t simpler! It’s a listening ear I seek.
    TI: I cry alone and to the world I always smile
    TP: I haven’t done either in quite a while.

    TI: I know you’re my destiny, the love of my life…
    TP: There’s so much heartache, so much strife!
    TI: Close your eyes; you’ll be untouched by grief
    TP: Don’t be foolish! We must resolve each tiff.
    TI: All that matters is how the journey ends
    TP: In the journey it’s important to make amends!
    TI: I have faith; therefore I don’t need to hear
    TP: Like the rest, you too turned a deaf ear…

    TI: You can’t hurt me; I’ve decided I can feel no more,
    TP: The tears will no longer stop, my heart feels sore.
    TI: Not now- we have forever to come back on track
    TP: What’s lost is lost- time will never come back…

    Every time they meet,they will be weak
    And tread into a familiar maze
    They will laugh, they will cry,
    And will even get lost in each other’s gaze…
    They will always silently understand
    Even the other’s unspoken secrets
    And even from a thousand miles away,
    Sense it if the other frets.
    All their lives they’ll need each other –
    A truth they had learnt early on
    How then can they change this dreaded habit,
    Now that the magic is all gone?
    They’ll never be like any other we know-
    Who turn away and never look back;
    Even when they'll be apart,
    They’ll fill in where the other may lack.
    They don’t care what well-wishers think,
    What consequences they shall see;
    Even if they are apart,
    In some way together they will always be.
    I know…I know that time will come;
    Till then both of you listen to me…
    I believe in my heart of hearts,
    I believe together you both shall be.

    P.S.....thank you for the title. You know who you are :)

    26 afterthoughts :

    1. Attila said...

      nice one,.. though idealism and pragmatism can be compared to sky and earth, like there is nothing called a horizon where both meet..

    2. Attila said...

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    3. peter said...

      good one ...deep thinking and ur rhyming pattern is like somethng ..I am personally bad at !!

      overall a WOW post !
      :) :)

    4. Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...


    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      thanx a ton guys :)
      as long as y'all understand wat i'm trying to write!!

    6. Prashanth Nagaraj said...

      awesome gal..
      Well written up...

    7. stuntman mike said...

      i like the last part of it better than i like the first ... but great going !!

    8. Rohan Nigam said...

      I think the clueless clairvoyant is not so clueless after all. :)

      Excellent post.

    9. Sidrah said...

      nicely composed! ..actually i don't know what to say as i'm not at all good at these kind of things ..but i know u'd make a good poet! ^^

      P.S: thnx 4 the nice words on my blog! Cya!

    10. Shantharam Shenoy K said...

      gr8 composition...really try to find a sweet theme too...the only thing i felt "ordinary" in ur blog....

    11. Shantharam Shenoy K said...

      and by the way..these are my links

      take care...

    12. Mith said...

      wow...pretty deep stuff in your blog...nice one :)...keep it up!

    13. Comfortably Numb said...

      Deep Deep. Every time I come to your blog..I think of the following two things!

      1. The really really original and different content on your blog. By original I dont mean that every other blogger isnt writing with originality..But your thoughts are really amazing!

      2. I couldn't help it...Your template.


    14. Misty Rhythm said...

      heehhe...thnx a lot. content comes from the heart :)

      n template...believe me i'm working on it!! lol...i can't seem to find good BLOGGER BETA templates :(

    15. Comfortably Numb said...

      blogger beta...I am quite sure that I know zilch about what blogger beta is :P

      Heart..Hmmm...Im sure you have loads of ideas. If I ever fall short on might be troubled :P


    16. alex paul k said...

      brilliant post

      rhyming couldn't get better & the thoughts behind the post is truly amazing

      n i dun think the clairvoyant is all that clueless....or is it?....mayb they need each other because the right mix of idealism & pragmatism should be perfect......but stll will they exist 2gethr??....pragmatically speaking?

    17. Misty Rhythm said...

      well some of u (or most of u or none of u!!) might have figured out, my posts rn't ever fiction...n THUS i call the Clueless Clairvoyant so becoz even though he can never come up wid facts or justifications for his predictions...he seems so damn sure!!he doesn't have an ounce of doubt he KNOWS

      pragmatically speaking...i don't know! knowing wud probably solve every issue...

    18. r@ls said...

      beautiful template...!!!keep up ur work cos it's honestly few of already scarce available orignal expressions in words..CHEERS!!

    19. Misty Rhythm said...

      thank u rahul :)

    20. Siddharth Bose said...

      Awesome blog, really very good design. You really present your posts well. keep it up

    21. Matangi Mawley said...

      tht was so different frm wht i usually find on blogs! very interesting..

    22. flyingstars said...

      lovely have crafted it beautifully!

    23. Scribblers Inc said...

      good stuff...dialogue writing is actually rare in seem to have done good to it!!

      Scribblers Inc.

    24. Dan* said...

      excellent ! good thinking ;)

    25. Misty Rhythm said...

      @scribblers inc
      i really have no idea how it ended up in dialogue writing!!'s like i woke up with the words in my head!
      thanks a ton tho :)

      thanx....errr, a li'l confused tho...who's thought are u referring to? i have thoughts of 3 different people put up!

    26. Soumil said... u remember our brief chat sum weeks ago..prolly months? This template of urs is loads better than the earlier one...the audio's pretty soothing too!