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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    True Calling

    We’re all just a figment of our imagination. The strong ones have the courage to imagine boundlessly and the one’s who can’t, fall weak.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all understand this simple fact? We make our own personalities…we take in all the qualities we want to and leave out the ones we don’t like. So why do we not have the strength to look outside of ourselves, outside of our cocoon and be something we thought we could never be! We live life following examples, running after what a billion others are pursuing…sometimes even forgetting what it is that we’re after. I think we all have a True Calling but most of us choose not to hear it, afraid of the hardships we might have to face, afraid of what people might think…so we hide it somewhere where even we won’t find it. Then live our lives pretending like it never happened…we work harder, earn more money, find solace in our loved ones…and secretly hope that someday all this will fill the void.

    P.S. ‘Life is a song’ by Patrick Park is what I was listening to when I decided to write this article.

    P.P.S. It’s the 2nd song that plays while you’re going through my blog… :)

    4 afterthoughts :

    1. Soumil said...

      A rare post which really gladdened my heart. The fact that this is written by someone who isn't 'just a kid' who dreams big and differently makes it all the more incredible.

      @everyone reading this post:
      Don't ignore dis piece as just another sermon...

    2. Alvia said...

      Hey Honestly ,a genuine piece of work...Seriously as u mentioned d true calling inside is often not given much consideration...coz its too hard 2 find out vch is d true call amongst d very big list of calls:)

      gud work..cheers!

    3. RINZU SUSAN RAJAN said...

      yeah u tend to get confused at time but all falls in place at the rite time...!!


    4. Arjun said...

      We accept the simpler ones and leave the tougher ones to fill the void(as u said) ..
      Infact i too gave it a thought many times before.... Now i orchestrate it to few of ma frnds who quietly listen to me and tats it...
      maybe it's human nature...