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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009


    “I wish you had this view”
    “I wish I had you.”
    “No, tell me!”
    “Won’t. Too deep, too bare. So you better not dare.”
    “You’re stubborn.”
    “So are you!”
    “I still can’t get you to tell me anything.”
    “I wanted to kiss you..”
    “Don’t go there…”
    “Don’t be angry…just stay with me.”
    “And be leashed! No way!”
    “Fine. Go. Is that all you ever want?”
    “I want you. Your hopes, your dreams, your anguish, your pain. Your body is beautiful. And your soul is divine. I want all this. And more.”
    “Fine. Bye!”
    “Come on…don’t go!”
    “Already gone.”
    “Fine. Bye.”

    “What now?”
    “Then go away.”
    “Leave me alone, will you!”
    “Won’t. We’re meant to be together.”
    “And that’s why you keep coming and going as you please! You hurt me..”
    “You hurt me too love.”
    “Then why do you keep coming back?”

    “Because you are home.”

    9 afterthoughts :

    1. angel from heaven said...

      I liked your style of writing almost like messenger chat.

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      really? lol. phone conversation is what i had in mind :)...ty tho :)

    3. sajith viswam said...

      "Beacuse you are home"!!! agghh super... i always like to read some thing like this.. cool and short wonderful writeups...

    4. Tasneem N. said...

      hey that's nice..while reading I could connect so much with whatever was written.

    5. Meera said...

      Lovely! Beautiful!
      Im in love with the last line!! :)

    6. Bullshee said...

      Normally can't handle mush, but this wasn't mush...a certain literary quality...good 'un!

    7. sawan said...

      i luvd the theme of this page! Luvd the post too. m sure some one had a wide grin over her face reading this and hence suggested me to read it. cud relate to the conversation :) thnx for writing this and M, thnx for askin me to read this :)

    8. Misty Rhythm said...

      thnx guys...for reading and liking my post :) i didn't know this was that popular ;)..who recommended?? huge ty to her as well!

    9. Anonymous said...

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