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    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    I let the rain pour today

    I let the rain pour today…

    Though crevices of my heart

    And the cracks in my shield;

    I let the rain pour today

    And wash away the layers.

    I stood still when lightning struck,

    I stood still as it poured,

    I soaked every drop that fell,

    I stood still as thunder roared.

    I let the rain tangle my hair,

    And free it from its glossy form;

    I let the wind through its maze,

    And be unleashed in the storm.

    I let my thoughts drift to you…

    To memories only I’ll ever know;

    I didn’t stop the tear that dropped,

    I couldn’t hide the iridescent glow.

    I let the rain pour today,

    Let it pour in all its might;

    I let my heart be drenched

    Hoping it would heal just a slight…

    8 afterthoughts :

    1. IcE MaiDeN said...

      And that is why I love reading you so much...

      Every word, every syllable u write i can relate to.. :)

      Brilliant, as always.

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      u know i remembered u just as soon as i put this up! it's so similar to what you wrote...maybe i was unconsciously inspired :)

      n ty so much...touched by your comment :)

    3. uchiha teee said...

      Is the rain metaphor for tears?


      The post's 'I' cried in the rain?

    4. sawan said...

      misty, words have always made me think, made me emotional and brought people closer to me. today i am happy I read You cos today words made me smile, words made my eyes wet. lovely expression sweets.. beautiful!

    5. Misty Rhythm said...

      @uchiha tee...well i'll leave that for u to decide :)

      @sawan...thank you soo very much!

    6. Anonymous said...

      Good stuff. But seriously, it's very often not worth it. Move on, girl! You'd find your groove. Sooner or later, that is.

      Hmm....Silence rules though, but scores can be settled through lyrics so vividly brittle as yours.

    7. Arjun said...

      Somebody's getting all emotional nowadays..!! :)

      Well for this post... AMAZING..!!

      loved it


    8. Misty Rhythm said... dude :). just decided to write more often to keep myself sane :P...writing is my escape!

      @anonymous...ty so much for your expertise! who knows...maybe this is my 'groove'! n i'm not looking to settle any score...i'm only writing things out bcoz i can't keep it in me. ty though...