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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009


    A heartache brewing from the past,

    A familiar scent that will never last,

    A desire so strong, so enticing again,

    Like the scorched earth after the rain.

    You’re a path I’d tread without seeing

    With you I’m everything I’m afraid of being.

    You’re everything I want, but I must leave;

    Afraid if I linger, I might begin to believe…

    3 afterthoughts :

    1. C R D said...

      Woah! An anthem for all those who've had enough! :d

      Can absolutely relate to it.

      A familiar scent that will never last!! - superb!!!

    2. Anonymous said...

      Why walk away with an incipient grouse? Why fritter away what could be yours? What's wrong with a moment of unity, when you want to bathe in it and then rub it off?

    3. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty chris :)

      @anonymous...if only things were so simple, eh! thr r some things that leave such a mark on u...u can't simply "rub it off"