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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Stay with me...

    Stay with me tonight

    Just tonight don’t let go of me;

    I’ll pour my heart out to you,

    Show you everything there is to see.

    My soul is so full of scars,

    I’m afraid it’ll frighten you...

    I want to tell you everything

    No lies, only what is true.

    Hold me and take me in your arms,

    When I don’t have the courage to talk.

    Kiss my hand gently,

    Whisk me away for a midnight walk.

    Stay with me even when I resist,

    Even if I push you away.

    Stay a little while longer,

    Stay with me through this day…

    4 afterthoughts :

    1. DPhatsez said...

      yes I'll stay :)

      good one!

    2. Ashwadhy said...

      Neat one! Enjoyed it!

    3. Arjun said...

      dont know who it was meant to...

      But none the less... It was nice.. It gave that wonderful feel... Hope he/she will stay.. :)


    4. Misty Rhythm said...

      thnx guys :)

      @D...your comment made me laugh. a lot!
      'tis one of those random late night scribbles arjun :)