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    Thursday, June 05, 2008


    Dated : 11/02/08

    I wonder what it would be like
    To wake up one day and forget all words,
    Have no way to express myself
    And go through life ignored and unheard..
    Or maybe say everything you need to say,
    Thinking, hoping, praying it will suffice,
    And then be met with aloofness..
    At most a meaningless apology -
    full of sentiments as warm as ice.
    I wonder if love is not just a feeling,
    But also an unstated license to hurt..
    A license to empower the one you love
    To mould you into someone he can like
    I wonder why 'flaws' can't stay with me
    And be as accepted as everything else..
    Please don't tell me I'm inferior to you -
    I won't accompany you in belittling myself.

    3 afterthoughts :

    1. shekhar said...

      So many thoughts and feelings keep humming through out the poem, mostly about relationships. Very poetic. Nice job. Keep rhythming :)

    2. Cyclops said...

      seriously lady.. some of your blogs are a nice read, but gives the feeling that the writing comes from some of the complexes that riddle you. anyways its nice using the blog as a tool for self discovery....

      visit my blog...

    3. RINZU SUSAN RAJAN said...

      ohh no... cant think of dat moment when i will lose my ability to write or express...

      nice post....