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    Monday, June 16, 2008

    Maybe we were...

    Too consumed to see
    Too numb to feel
    Too angry to touch
    Too hurt to heal

    Too shy to talk
    Too engulfed to hear
    Too busy to call
    Too far to be near

    Too certain to renew
    Too weak to try
    Too afraid to ask
    Too proud to cry

    Too ashamed to admit
    Too stubborn to need
    Too upset to smile
    Too arrogant to plead

    Too hard to crack
    Too stupid to realise
    Too lifeless to act
    Too late to love back..

    Thank you for finally being the person I knew once upon a time. I never hated you, never even tried have too much goodness in you to overlook.
    Be happy.Please.

    6 afterthoughts :

    1. Aravind said...

      Nice.. I have a feeling that these lines are a message to someone.

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      definitely is. that and a realisation as well..

    3. CharbaK In Rust said...

      compact..& neat

      keep on


    4. Shiva said...

      flood of adjectives...
      beautifully used.



    5. RINZU SUSAN RAJAN said...


      that was sooo sweet...this thing cld luv is tooo goood to be hated...
      n the perfect defintion of love is the one person we love...


    6. Kishore G said...

      True :-) Not only for loved ones...for friends as well...

      Simple and Nice post.