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    Thursday, July 02, 2009


    You said you’d be there if I needed you,

    You said you knew each breath and pore;

    Why then are you so distant

    Now that I need you ever more?

    I’m hurting beyond belief,

    And no one I want to turn to…

    I can’t suffer in silence anymore

    Can’t you see that I need you?

    You- a blunt ache in my heart

    To which only you are the cure;

    Addictive as narcotics you are,

    You leave me begging for more.

    Don’t you hear my silent pleas

    Or is my silence finally dead?

    You so willingly to cut my voice;

    But love, has everything been said?

    I’m powerless when I’m with you,

    And lifeless when I’m not…

    You - my conviction,

    You’re all the love I’ve got.

    Do you hear me now?

    Now that I’m bleeding out;

    I need you oh so much,

    I need you without a doubt.

    2 afterthoughts :

    1. DPhatsez said...


      allow me to be cheesy here 'cos the poems good anyways..

      Main hoon na? :D

    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty sooo much :)