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    Thursday, July 09, 2009

    The Eternal Flame

    A flame that’s inextinguishable

    You truly are…

    A fire that consumes everything,

    An uncontrolled power.

    You’re the sun -

    Warm, inviting on a cold grey day;

    Ruthless too you are,

    To everything that comes your way.

    You’re a light that glows forever,

    Too bright to be concealed.

    Yet hidden you’ll remain in me,

    Too precious to be revealed.

    5 afterthoughts :

    1. DPhatsez said...

      May it burn forever.

      As for your pout when tagging me..are you flirting with me woman?

      (Yes- Woohooo!
      No- tch!)


    2. Misty Rhythm said...

      flirt! who me??! *GASP*

      psst...wud flirting do the trick? ;)

    3. DPhatsez said...

      lazy female i have to come back here to respond?

      Shoutbox baby! use the power of technology! \m/

    4. Amal Bose said...

      nice one.. :)
      keep writing

    5. raMmY said...

      Hey thanks for dropping by my blog! and keep visiting!!

      Nice post!! strong and wishful.. :) may the flame keep burning! way to go!!