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    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Proudly Bangali!

    If my Bengali teachers from school could see of the following two things could happen-
    · They’d be overwhelmed and die with a smile on their face.
    · They’d die out of shock.
    Heehe...either way, they’d die!

    Yes, I’m a Bengali and proudly so! But honestly I’ve never really been drawn towards Bengali literature in a grand way- maybe just the popular ones or the ones that “every Bengali must know”. No, it has never been a matter of cool and just never happened. You get the picture, right? Needless to say, my bangla has always been a little kacha. I can speak the language fluently, I know the letters but expressing myself the way I do in English...bleh.

    Then something weird happened. After coming to London, as EVERYBODY knows, I’ve been missing home terribly. So much so that I’ve been listening to a lot of Bengali music and watching many Bengali movies...just to feel a little at home. Yes yes, very strange I am. I listen to Dean Martin, The Doors and Anjan Dutta back to back. I despise all the hip-hop music that’s oh-so-in now! Anyhow, coming back to the subject! I ended up writing a poem in Bengali last night. Happened. Words just came to me. It may not be a masterpiece...but I’m so very proud!

    হারানো ভালোবাসা

    কোথায় তুমি হারিয়ে গেলে -

    বুঝেও বুঝতে পারছি না;

    কত কথা মনে পড়ে,

    চেষ্টা করেও ভোলা যায় না।

    শুধু তোমার হতে চাই,

    তোমাকে চাই নিজের কাছে;

    একটা চাপা রহশ্যের মত,

    থাকতে চাই মনের ফাকে।

    একটা নিঃশব্দ রাতের মত,

    সব জেনেও কিছু না বলতে চায়-

    রইল এই হারানো ভালোবাসা,

    কিছু নির্বাক পাতায় পাতায়...

    And before you extra-patient readers boycott my’s what it would read as:

    Harano Bhalobasha

    Kothay tumi hariye gele-
    Bujheo bujhte parchi na;
    Koto kotha mone pore,
    Chesta koreo bhola jaey na.
    Shudhu tomar hote chaiy,
    Tomake chaiy nijer kache;
    Ekta chapa rohoshyer moto;
    Thakte chaiy moner phake.
    Ekta nishobdo raater moto,
    Shob jeneo kichu na bolte chaey-
    Roiylo eiy harano bhalobasha,
    Kichu nirbak patay patay.

    *sigh* I’m so proud :)

    14 afterthoughts :

    1. Misty Rhythm said...

      relax...I didn't forget :)

      here's a rough translation...

      Lost Love

      Where you’ve been lost-
      Maybe i know, maybe i pretend not to;
      I keep remembering the past,
      Can’t seem to forget even if i try.
      All i want is you,
      I want you by my side;
      Like a hidden secret,
      I want to remain in a corner of your mind.
      Like a silent night
      Keeps quiet despite knowing it all;
      Let this lost love be-
      Hidden in a few mute pages...

    2. r@ls said...

      i like...!!

    3. Miss M said...

      I know EXACTLY what you mean!

      You know that song 'hoyto tomari jonno'? From that Soumitro chatterjee movie? I have been humming that song for days!

      Also I have been listening to songs by Bhumi.

    4. Bill Austin said...

      Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)

      Your award will go live sometime on July 23, 2009

      Award Code

      Thank you,

      Bill Austin

    5. Tan said...

      Hey You...
      ...What stopped you from writing in Bangla all these days?...

      May be for the first time ever, I am so proud of you too... and suddenly, after reading those lines, I felt those were written for me... trust me on that...

      Well, not many of our readers know what Bengali or Bangla is as a language... Its an ocean - its a way of life - its a way we can express things we cannot express in anyother language in the world... Yes! I am so proud of this - I am so proud to be a Bangali too...

      Coming to the poem - it felt someone is asking me to get into the feeling - the feeling that is out of this world! You have done justice with the words - dont ask me about the spelling - my wife would know better...

      Please try and write more in Bengali, will you? I will come and read - not once but multiple times, will you write??

      I hope you do... your words were fine - your thought was specific and vibrant... thanks for sharing this with us!!

      Khub bhalo laglo - onek kichhu thonte eshechhilo - kintu jano to, shab katha bala jay na... bolleo, hoyto shoabshomoy shab katha bojhano jay na... 'bujheo bujhte parchhi na'... Phew!! Chuk it...

      Keep writing...
      Amar Bangla Blog: Hajabarala ...

    6. Ryan said...

      Awesome.... straight. truth. amazing. fool. Keep it up!

    7. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty soooo much everyone :)


      @miss m...yes! i've heard the song. it was one of those songs that just had to be sung at family adda sessions :)...n now that u reminded me, been humming it myself!

      @bill...shocked and touched :). ty sooo very much :)

      @tan...ur comment made me smile extra :). ty sooo much! yes, i do agree...bengali is beautiful as a language, an expression and a lifestyle! u've given me a lot of confidence...and i'll certainly try to write more in bengali :)...pray words keep coming to me!

      @ryan...ty so much :).but fool?

    8. Nazish Rahman said...

      Oh khub bhalo!!!

      Bangla band are really doing well these a matter of fact a friend of mine has started a band called Evolution!!

      Its rare u come across a bengali whose bengali is a little!! Well i have been able to read n understand bengali...but never been successful in speaking...though i've been born n brought up in kolkata!!!

    9. Arjun said...

      wow.. i cant understand one bit... but gr8....

      I share a similar thing with Kannada.. :)


    10. Gigi said...

      Nice blog.

    11. Anonymous said...

      Bengali soap opera springs eternal then! Eta to amar jonyei lekha, tai na?

      Have fun, girl!

    12. Misty Rhythm said...

      @NR...ty :)..bangla kacha as in the creative way. lol, all i'm saying is that i'm definitely not the next great bengali poet :P...makes sense? :)
      oh n bangla bands r fab, rn't they! most of them atleast :)

      @arjun...ty ty :)...u commented without even understanding wat was sweet is that! n i hope u have ur "eureka" moment wid kannda as well :)...feels wonderful!

      @gigi...ty veryyy much :)'s strange how things sound so much more dramatic when written in bengali, eh!
      n y wud i write for some random passing stranger? :P lol, kidding! but if u can relate to it so strongly, then kudos to me! :)
      hmmm...kar jonye lekha, at this point, is very irrelevant...imp thing is i wrote in bengali :)

    13. sajith viswam said...

      tumi bhalo theko……!!!

      tats all i noe in bengali!!!



    14. Soumil said...

      wud love to read a translation of the poem!