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    Monday, July 27, 2009

    I Am.

    A sun catcher, a wind chime -

    I hold what you can never see;

    I am the thought that lingers,

    I am the only forbidden glee.

    I’m the music you can’t recreate,

    The rhythm you cannot fight;

    You play me all you want -

    I’m the tune you can never get right.

    The moment of truth, I am,

    A reflection staring back at you;

    I am the reason you look away,

    In nothingness, I’m all that’s true.

    I’m the drop that tempts your lips,

    The warmth that draws you close;

    I’m the wind beneath your wings,

    I’m the inner glow that shows.

    A reason you cannot reason with,

    The answer you’ve always known;

    I am the question that’ll remain

    And leave you tattered and torn.

    The power that makes you weak,

    Or the love that can fill your life;

    I’m the home you wish you had,

    The cause of an eternal strife.

    A sun catcher, a wind chime,

    The raging water behind a dam!

    Your heartbeats race and skip,

    You can love because I am.

    9 afterthoughts :

    1. r@ls said...

      lemme be the first to say it,awe......wait for it,
      u knw im not that much of an 'expresser', yet couldn't help myself frm sayin it..
      fantastic girl..keep up the work.!!
      god bless..

    2. freelancer said...

      @ above...
      lols....awe....wait for it...awesome!
      lols...How I met you mother fan??

      @ misty
      awesome awesome awesome....literally awesome!
      great post

    3. Misty Rhythm said...

      How i met your mother addict!!! :P

      @FL ty ty ty :)

    4. Nazish Rahman said... was lovely

    5. Meera said...


      Wow,you ARE one writer :D

    6. pawan said...

      A beautiful poem, I loved this line,
      "You play me all you want -

      I’m the tune you can never get right."

      It is simply superb!

      Good blog with a clean layout!

      Will be visiting back again!


    7. Sana said...

      That was one beautiful poem! =D I wanna be the warmth that bring people close <3

      I was going thru my older blog posts and saw you. So i visited :)

      x Sana

    8. ani_aset said...

      wow lovely poem :)
      I like the layout of your blog

    9. workhard said...

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