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    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Tag :)

    Was in one of those random moods, trying to divert my I decided to do this Tag 'cause I really liked it. Picked this one up from Annie's blog...

    Ten Things You Wish You Could Say to People, don’t take any names

    1. Thank you for being there for me sis. I love you till the end! I know you’re still hurting…and it breaks my heart to see you pretending each day. Let it go.
    2. You truly are a gem. When uncle passed away…I remember going to your place to console you and I remember just standing there. No words seemed suitable enough. I still think about it and I don’t know what I should’ve told you. I came home that night and wrote something that I haven’t shown to anybody ever.
    3. I can’t say this enough…you screwed up. Nothing more, nothing less. Please don’t give her any more importance than that in your life. I trust you. Soul mates forever!
    4. I’m sorry for everything I said that evening. It’s something that I will never forgive myself for. I am so much like you…I only wish I had even a fraction of your generosity. Thank you for letting me spread my wings and choose my own flight at every point in my life.
    5. I stayed awake till I was certain you were asleep…I was so terrified, I got up in the middle of the night to check if you were breathing. I think it was in those four days that we became closer. I love you for everything you do for us. I don’t think I thank you enough. I miss the you-me times...the movies, lunches, shopping, even the early morning workouts I’d complain about! Most of all I miss the weekend movie screening at home :(
    6. I hope you get the same treatment in your old age.
    7. You were too short for me :P
    8. I wish I could cut you out of my life. You’re the only mistake I regret making. I won’t be yours even if you’re the last man alive! Scheme your way through that.
    9. “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.” How true, isn’t it? You’ll always have a part of me.
    10. My silence haunts me every second of everyday…when will you notice?

    Nine things about you

    1. I’m a Body Shop addict. I love their body butters…I have ‘em in coconut, brazil nut, mango, strawberry, passion fruit and peach (the last two being my favourites...they smell good enough to eat!). I love how their honey shampoo smells…it’s currently one of my favourite smells. Which reminds me…I always smell divine ;)
    2. I’m a clumsy twat! I drop almost everything I touch.
    3. I have nine piercings (all on the ears) and one tattoo.
    4. I’m trained in western and latin dance. There was a time in my life I wanted to be nothing but a dancer.
    5. As unbelievable as it might be…I’m actually uncomfortable with all the emotional stuff. That’s why I write.
    6. I’m painfully boring :P
    7. I’m an awesome cook. And I don’t mean a couple amazing dishes …we’re talking multiple courses-various cuisines-awesome!
    8. I have scarily expressive eyes. Sometimes when I’m angry…just one look does the trick.
    9. I honestly believe love isn’t made for me. ‘Tis no melodramatic line…it’s a carefully analyzed, practical conclusion.

    Eight ways to win your heart

    haahah…I have no clue! Sudden gestures catch my fancy. But will give it shot…
    1. Be confident. I’ve grown out of the shy-guys phase.
    2. Be a gentleman. Treat me like a lady. Simple?
    3. Take the pains of preparing a fancy dinner for me/with me once in a while and enjoying it candle lit.
    4. Slow dance with me in the rain. Once.
    5. Write something for me.
    6. Love my quirks.
    7. Catch me unawares with a kiss now and then.
    8. Win the hearts of my family members :)

    Seven things that are on your mind a lot

    1. He
    2. He
    3. He
    4. He
    5. He
    6. He
    7. What next (career, life, etc etc)

    Six things you wish you never did

    1. Leave dancing (as in the BIG way)
    2. Get that horrendous hair cut when I was 13!
    3. Errr…wax myself. Very traumatic experience. Don’t ask!
    4. Kiss him.
    5. Keep quiet when I shouldn’t
    6. Fall weak time and time again.

    Five things that turn you off

    1. Compulsive lying.
    2. Wrong English.
    3. The yo-man-mah-lyfe-so-kewl types!
    4. Body odour/ bad breath
    5. “Baby” (!!!)

    Four turn on’s

    1. Confidence
    2. Intelligence
    3. Wit
    4. Humor with a touch of sarcasm

    Three things you want to do before you die

    1. Travel alone
    2. Be famous
    3. Change at least one life (for the better.)

    Two smileys that describe you

    1. :|
    2. :(

    One confession

    • I have no idea where all this is headed. All I know is that I need you.

    7 afterthoughts :

    1. Misty Rhythm said...

      haven't intentionally tagged anybody...anyone who likes it is free to do it :)

      BUT! you know who you are...*pout*

    2. IcE MaiDeN said...

      heyyyy!!! :) awesome one.. :P :D esp the things u want to say widout takin names. :)

    3. Meera said...

      Cool tag! and nicely done!
      I am going to take this :)

    4. sawan said...

      loooong tag!!
      9 pericings is definitely cool :)

    5. DPhatsez said...

      Uh oh! The pout! Flirt mode! Must not give in! must not give in!


    6. Lakshmi said...

      Cool... I liked ur blog... u ll be seeing me around..
      n I loved the eight ways to win ur heart...every one of them is on my list..:)

    7. Anonymous said...

      Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?