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    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    Silent Scream

    Do you know you’re on my mind?

    That the thoughts are agonizingly deep?

    Do you know I stay awake all night?

    That is if I don’t cry myself to sleep.

    It’s hurtful to know I’m such a bother,

    That you’d rather stay away from me…

    For you, I’ve killed a part of myself;

    Dreams, my eyes no longer see.

    You make me feel like such a tease,

    A few good laughs is all I am…

    I neither deserve nor can want no more,

    Every smile on my lips- a new sham.

    It’s amazing how oblivious you are

    In this tug of love and hate;

    As you turn around and brush it off-

    I watch my heart burn at stake…

    7 afterthoughts :

    1. Meera said...

      BAutiful.Shows what all you have gone through,may be.
      But don be sady sady always happy often :)
      Try to find joy in small things and keep the spark alive.

    2. IcE MaiDeN said...

      This one made me think of a lil bit of the time i was insanely in love.. (correction: infatuated :P) wid a guy who didnt knw i existed in d first place!!!! :| :| sigh!


    3. Misty Rhythm said...

      ty for ur comments guys :)

      @meera...i'm not sady sady all the time. i just dont write when i'm happy :). bcoz i don't find the need to. i only write when i'm upset bcoz this ismy outlet :)

      @annie...i'm beginning to wonder if we were related in our past lives or sumthin ;)...hugs!

    4. Hopeless Romantic said...

      hmm...changing yourself to someone is never love....its just infatuation, and nothing else.

      Stay good, cheer up!

      following u now, keep penning!

      Cya around!

    5. Nazish Rahman said...

      All these are part of relationship....changing for anyone is never worth it..rather its always better to change for yourself.

      Its well expressed...n the template of the blog!!


    6. Misty Rhythm said...

      thnx for ur comments :) not really. the way i look at it...the words are about pain and ignorance, and the pain caused by's transient. change is something that's gradual...and whether we acknowledge it or it, it's unintentionally always a part of our lives.

      @nazish....yes, very much a part of a relationship!

      P.S. please don't judge me or my life or relationships by my poems. makes me sad :(. as i mentioned above...i write when i'm upset..about isolated incidents...abt the moment when i can't hold things together anymore. my poetry amplifies what i feel at that very isn't who i am or what my life is entirely. please don't judge :(

      ty for all your lovely comments and i really really appreciate everyone taking out time to read my blog...just wanted to let you all know..

    7. ani_aset said...

      some people just dont deserve this much love isnt it :)
      Lovely poem