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    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Day One

    My 1st posting....there have been so many instances when my anger or my silence has hurt my dear ones. i worship my moments...i have to talk when i want to, and if i'm stopped then, i dont want to talk anymore. so this is my attempt to post my personal thoughts when i need that the moments are not lost anymore...

    Dear God, I pray to you
    Do not leave me to myself -
    Tonight I need a blessing..
    And maybe a miracle too.
    Tonight I need to rid all my tears
    And laugh without crying again,
    I want to open my heart to all
    Without having mundane fears.
    Forgive me tonight if I'm wrong -
    Punish me later if You must,
    But please dedicate tonight to me
    just tonight please play my song...

    you see the few lines above matter to me....often, when i'm feeling low and angry and frustrated, i flip to the first page of my new diary and read it to myself. i wrote it on my 20th birthday, coz i was convinced things would go wrong and well...they did! so i decided that i will not let others affect me when i dont want them's alright to be selfish at times

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