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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    this month..

    i probably started blogging now because this month is about me....after such a long time i'm finally feeling like myself, i feel calm, content and restless all at the same time. my mind is working emotions are constantly on the edge. i'm dancing again, just like old times....there's something very sweet about the breathlessness and the aching muscles after a good dance session - it's a familiar sensation that i was once so used to. only difference betwen then and now is that i have to put twice the effort now....much as i hate to admit it, i'm out of practice and have allowed my body to ditch me.

    this month is about me because i'm miserably in love with RJ...maybe everything is not perfect, but the truth is i'm hopelessly in love with him. i've realised that the only reason why he can hurt me so much is because he matters in my life. he makes me feel human because he makes me laugh and cry with equal intensity.i'm learning not to complain about all the things he doesn't do for me and instead pay greater attention to all his subtle ways of expressing his love.

    this month i've realised, more than ever, the importance of true friends. i have no qualms about expressing the fact that i have made no true friends in college. people change with a flick of the fingers...i have learnt to put my gaurd up around them and keep Abi, Tia and Shakun close. i thank lord everyday for sending the 3 of them in my life.

    this month is about me because i'm taking care of myself...i'm learning what is right for me and what is not. i'm not naive anymore, i dont let people show me down.

    p.s....chanced upon this silly game, whr ppl were being asked to add "in the bed" to their "today's fortune".....mine came down to " 'luck is coming your way' the bed",....almost fell off my bed laughing

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