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    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    dear diary

    dear dear diary
    life is not so glum,
    sometimes it seems so difficult
    sometimes you feel so numb.
    you move on to a new adventure
    thinking your past is secure
    suddenly as u turn to look back,
    nothing seems familiar anymore.

    dear dear diary
    life gives no option but to move on,
    sometimes it makes you a star
    sometimes nobody cares if you're gone.
    your laughter resonates through solid walls
    and even fetches you hoards of cheer,
    you stand in the crowd and look around
    and nobody will even notice that tear.

    dear dear diary
    life has the strangest way to care,
    sometimes it's one big lesson
    sometimes it's a game that's unfair.
    you work hard for every single move
    sadly you're just a sitting duck
    it's not a serious exam or sport
    in a game all you need is luck.

    dear dear diary
    then one day you suddenly fall in love,
    sometimes you think it'll last forever
    sometimes even'forever' needs a shove.
    funnily when everything is right
    something must be terribly wrong,
    and when it really begins to hurt
    love has grown into something strong.

    dear dear diary
    when you're at the brink and can't decide,
    sometimes you're scared of being hurt
    sometimes you discover wings and glide.
    how are you to see the easy way out
    if it's always hidden in the difficult one,
    life is just a series of risks and chances
    mysteries and puzzles waiting to be undone.

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