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    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    my grey folder

    just lying awake wondering....wondering how many people are wondering the same thing.

    i used to avidly collect letters sent by my father during his trips, i would arrange them date-wise and keep it in a grey folder....i miss collecting those carefully selected, textured, coloured, sometimes strange shaped letters, i miss seeing human handwriting. emails are just so impersonal, everytime i read an email, i imagine a Terminator-like voice reciting the letter! can you imagine how absurd that must be feeling??

    i treasure handwriting, infact i treasure any personalised item or items that make me my grey folder i also have the following :

    1. little messages that RJ wrote to me on CCD napkins
    2. the wrapper of a 5* chocolate bar which a dear friend gave me
    3. the wrapper of a Temptations (rum n raisin) bar which RJ bought me on valentine's day
    4. passes of every single fest i've been to
    5. a pass autographed by bombay vikings
    6. tickets to the 1st movie RJ and i ever saw together
    7. a newspaper cutout which got me the Black & Blue CD 2 days before it's official release in India
    8. a pass to the prom i went with O
    9. volunteer badges from school
    10. a small scrap of paper with my name doodled on it
    11. and the most precious - a Rs. 100 note which RJ gave me from his 1st ,official, hard earned money.

    1 afterthoughts :

    1. Meera said...

      A very SWEET list Mysty.God bless!