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    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    Favorite things about RJ

    My favorite things...

    .....about RJ...

    • his dimples
    • how soft his hair feels
    • the way he squints when he's concentrating
    • the way he delicately holds objects while doing artwork
    • the way he sleeps....on his stomach, pillow over the head!
    • the strong and comforting feeling of his arms
    • the way he says "five"
    • his Bengali
    • the way he speaks maithili
    • the way he greets his father at the beginning of all their conversations
    • the way he selflessly loves his sister
    • the way he treats my family
    • the fact that he's always on top of the guestlists of my 9 yr old sister's parties
    • the way he slips his arm around my waist when we're walking
    • the way he kisses my forehead and then my eyes when I'm upset
    • the way he looks in his blue t-shirt
    • the way he has an explanation and meaning to the most mundane things
    • his observant nature
    • the way he patiently listens
    • the way he sings 7 days (by Craig David)
    • his muscular legs..unlike the chicken legs that most men have!
    • the way he looks at me when I'm flushed
    • the way he says "shona"
    • the perfect V'shape of his upper body
    • his indecisive, slow typing.....annoying, but cute
    • the way he pouts
    • the way he hugs me
    • the way he laughs
    • his embarrassed look
    • the fact that he never makes an excuse
    • the way never looks away when I catch him staring at me during classes
    • his frankness ( not always a favorite, but at most times)
    • baby talk
    • the way he gets every child to like him
    • the way he always knows when I want to go to CCD for a mousse cake
    • the way rejoices after winning a game of air hockey
    • the way he lets me win when I pout!
    • the way he stuffs his mouth with sugar candies ( all 5 at one go!)
    • the way his eyes light up when he sees jhaal chips
    • his culinary skills!

    ......and that is not the end of the list...

    2 afterthoughts :

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    2. twilight said...

      shona needs a punishment!! *tee hee!*