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    Friday, June 16, 2006


    There is something very comforting about talking to complete strangers on the face, no name, no conditions, just words. I have such a "friend"....hats off to you Mr. WXYZ (he wont tell me his name 'cause he's scared I'll blow his "cover")!. We've been up chatting all night, once deciding to go to sleep early...then quickly realizing we weren't sleepy. We've discussed love, friendship, dance...pulled each other's legs ( a lot!)....and yet we remain so disconnected. It's like leading a dual life...during the day I am myself (good, bad and ugly)...and between 12am till about 5 am, I am the best of me...I can select qualities about myself I want to show and hide the ones I don't, erase thoughts before they're read and not be bothered about being spotted in my most comfortable, yet embarrassing "little duck" tshirt....and when the conversation is over, once again i have the rights to be a demon.

    Thank you for making me feel like i'm flawless...

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