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    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    mon avis sur la nourriture française (my opinion on french food)

    hmm...I suddenly want to talk about French cuisine! The French are the original foodies....did u know that even the term "cuisine" was coined by the French...Meaning "the kitchen". Most of the culinary terms that we are aware of, are infact, French....a 'la carte..Entrée etc. a simple meal was suddenly Fine Dining. for all of us who think a starter, a main course and a dessert is fine dining....theFrenchh had a 12 course menu, yes, 12...which are as under :

    1. Hors D'oeuvres ( where almost every letter is silent! pronounced as 'Odouves'...the appetizers)
    2. Potage (soup)
    3. Poission (no, not poison...just fish)
    4. Entrée(finally a word we're familiar with!)
    5. Relevé (ONE of THE main courses)
    6. Sorbet ( ooh another known word! we're good!)
    7. Rôti ( dont worry, 'roti' is our invention still.....this is french for 'roast')
    8. Legume (yes! another one!)
    9. Entremet de sucre ( just remember entremet, lol....aka dessert)
    10. Savoureux ( something savoury after dessert??!!)
    11. Dessert ( nope, no mousse and flans....just fruit and nuts)
    12. Café ( kill every flavour of the courses above)

      French food is fancy acquired father almost fainted after accidently biting into a scallop (NEVER chew, just swallow). i still have not figured out how caviar is such a luxary....i mean it's just fermented fish eggs and i personally hate it! French have a knack for glorifying even the simplest of things....if you go to France and order Pommes Frites because it sounds nice, all you'll get is a plate of french fries! Melon Frappe is NOT some cooling beverage...just cold melon!

    French food is for Page 3 sociallites, it is classy to eat (and digest) French food. i once skipped my normal roti & subzi because i was tempted by an array of delicious looking dishes at a french the end of the evening, i could neither swallow nor throw...the meat was underdone ( Au bleu is what they called it!)...i bit into this inviting crispy patty, not expecting a puss-like, fowl smelling substance inside it...the soup had strange, suppossedly edible 'objects' floating in it....the pasta had some cheese that smelled like molten rubber....and more cheese everywhere! finally, when i reached the dessert counter...they just had greasy, suggary puff pastries left (which, again, i'm not fond of)....ah, everybody should have such experiences in their lives...sadly, it had to be ME!

    i guess, the morals of the story are >>

    (a) now i know why the French drink such a lot of wine!

    (b) i'm sorry if you're french, or if you like french food

    talking of alcohols....have you ever wondered why Spirits are called so? hmm... i will answer that, but another time...

    till then....Au revoir...

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