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    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Moving on...

    Words left where they were
    Ended abruptly, in a rush -
    For, you said all you could
    Till time ran out on me.
    I waited and plotted,
    Practiced every word I’d say.
    I knew I would hurt you,
    I waited silently for the day.
    Now after a time so long,
    When the time is finally right -
    I feel strangely unaffected,
    I don’t care about any fight.
    I don’t need to justify myself;
    And least of all, to you…
    You don’t matter at all to me,
    I’ve moved on, started anew.
    If you think there’s more to it -
    I wish you can live with yourself
    And maybe then find forgiveness;
    I don't have any empathy for you,
    You only deserve far less…

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